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Association: - Messages, - inspiration. Question: - What does wake my interest in the life?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Illuminating, - beaming, - light-full, - wonderfully, - the vitality: Enlightenment, - eastern soul path. Description: The glowworm symbolises the enlightenment and the internal position of the eastern soul path. Glowworms are small beetles which send out light by an organ which contains a chemical material called Luciferin. Glowworms have a beaming and at the same time short span of life. Their lighting up is a part of her mating dance. General meaning: Light reaches in growing measure in your life, - if in difficult circumstances, then as a token for help. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A tip to the direction at which you should aim.


Symbol for a 'small joy' and flickering an old, romantic feeling: It is not any more the former fire of the passion, but a sparklet jumps already still.


Glowworms bring only to people are of use who exercise a dirty and dishonest trade, they indicate all others damage and Stockung of the shops, particularly to ointments and spice traders.



  • Bringing luck and joy.

(European ones).:

  • One will get the possibility to prove a big friendliness which will pay off for later very much.

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