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Game of chance

Association: - Profit, - wish for recognition. Question: - In which area of my life is I to be won ready?

In general:

Dreams in those one tries his luck at the play table or with the horse running or usually simply takes risks, is common: They have a certain aim before eye, however, know exactly, there is the danger not to reach it. Something corresponds to this situation in the awake life. A dream with which one uses money - e.g., with the card game can deal something with the topical mind version. Maybe it is rotten because one has invested in the life too much feeling in somebody who could turn out unreliable. Has one dreamt of holding suddenly an ace in the hand or that with the roulette own number fell? Who might be meant with it? What ace was it? Which actual meaning has the roulette number? The pure games of chance, in contrast to such which also require some degree in skill refer in the dream rather to the area which one can also control himself.


A game of chance can emphasise all kinds of religious systems, some do not have validity and some. The image of an accidental choice, particularly if it occurs mechanically stands in connection with the faith in a mechanistic universe. The game of chance in the dream also shows the setting of the dreaming to avarice and poverty and illustrates how he stands in addition if profit is a result of luck instead of from strain. The game of chance stands also for the image that one if one takes a risk can win something. If the dream trades of the fact that the dreaming wins with the game of chance, then he had in the everyday life either really in a situation luck, or, however, he was particularly sent. If the dreaming loses his application in his dream, this is maybe a tip to the fact that another person exercises power about his destiny.


At the spiritual level game of chance in the dream shows the ability to perceive chances. At the same time it is for the trend to count rather on the destiny than on a good judgment property.



  • have luck in the play: you will lose money and have damage.

(European ones).:

  • see: Do not act after the ideas more different, or you will suffer losses,
  • win: Warning before superficial acquaintances and pleasure at the expenses of other,
  • lose: by incredible behaviour do a friend in the ruin.
(See also card game, lotto)

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