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Association: - Recognise signal, - - celebration. Question: - What would like I to hear or do I fear to hear?

In general:

Bells can symbolise the consciousness and to find out the need of the dreaming, by other people confirmation.
  • Who hears sounding bells in the dream, stands to that - the old Egyptians - good news already said this in the house. Often they also ring in a close family event, sometimes they are the voices of the heart.
  • the bells which only swing and do not sound announce the dreamer that he does not know in the everyday life so surely, where from the wind blows that he does not know a lot in a certain thing which just stands in a queue and should turn therefore to better something other.
  • hear ringing A death knell in the dream, means traditionally that one is warned about a misfortune or about the death. While this interpretation applies today less, nevertheless, for example, the doorbell sends a reminder in the dream still to care and watchfulness.
  • The bell in the dream can also stand for the wish to communicate with a person who lives far away or has become foreign to the dreaming. Bell rings in as it were a new life phase which can run favourably or unfavorably.
  • Several ringing bells point after Old-Indian dream apprenticeship to clap and defamation of character.


In the traditional interpretation it was worth hardly as a reason for the joy if somebody has dreamt of the Glockenläutern: To him 'the hour has hit' - his luck or his life came to an end. Also: to somebody the death knell is rung. In the topical psychological symbolism clamour of bells means rather a reason for the joy at something new and positively astonishing. Or also: Not 'to shout from the rooftops' a 'gentle' warning, a little rather - to keep a little better for himself because otherwise envy or envy can affect the luck.


At the spiritual level the bell in the dream is an instrument of the warning, but also a bearer of good things because she can banish the forces of the destruction.



  • only see: to great success have, - a lot of joy and the nice experience in family and house (53, - 64, - 82),
  • ring: it will be helped to one in a predicament,
  • heavy ones hear ringing: sad mood get, - misfortune or death,
  • highlights hear ringing: you will find out good news or get news,
  • see pouring: announced quick marriage for single, child blessing for married,
  • pour: you will have wedding,
  • door bells hear ringing: Care is offered: one will meet a person who will influence the life with lasting effect,
  • shattered: you will be got involved in disputes.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant desire to the daring enterprises which will not succeed, however, so fast,
  • see pouring: you will found own home,
  • ring: one will give to somebody unconsciously a pleasure,
  • hear deep and heavy ringing: if is a good sign, particularly at a new enterprise, a commencement of business and with fiancées, - you will find out good news,
  • hear bright ringing: Friends die in the distance, - bad news prepares for a worry,
  • hear normal ringing: Nuisances by news of friends from the stranger will be fast forgotten,
  • freedom bells hear: mean the victory over an opponent,
  • tocsins hear: one will solve a problem successfully, - a woman is warned about the separation of her darling,
  • hear alarm bell: one will have occasion for the worry,
  • hear death knell: stands for members of the family advisable in need in the distance,
  • cow or sledge little bells hear: forecasts an innocent flirtation and amusement,
  • this dream about one good trip would mean
  • for a sailor,
  • hear for businessmen and farmers Weihnachtsgeläut: there exist favorable views, - glad events approach young people,
  • bell ringing from the tower hears: if is valid generally as a reminder,
  • after breaks reinstating: an illness or a burial,
  • for sick people means it a quick end.


  • hear ringing: watch out for bad tongues.
(See also 'ringing')

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