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Limb / limbs


The male limb resembles the parents because it is connected to the seed, to the children because it is their cause, - the wife and the lovers because it is created for the joys of the love, - to the brothers and all blood relations because the relational relation of the whole family depends on the gender limb. Then it means body strength and virility because it is also their originator, - therefore, it is called by some 'Mannheit'. Further it calls the speech and the education because the gender limb, just as the word, the Allerzeugungsfähigste is. I have seen once in Kyllene a cult picture of the Hermes which was worked on grounds of a natural view merely as a male limb (Phallos-and Dionysos-cult). Further it indicates abundance and possession because it soon grows, soon decreases again and can grant, as well as retire. Furthermore it means confidential plans because these are also called medea just as the limb, - then it resembles poverty, slavery and chains because one says 'the necessary' and is the symbol of need and compulsion. Further it resembles the dignity, - then aidos means shame and dignity. From it follows: If the limb exists and is it in the belonging order, everybody will also pause by the same intimated things and relations in her old order, - it enlargedly she if it grows it indicates their loss if it is taken. If it doubles, everything will double, with the exception of the wife or the lovers, - this one loses, because one cannot use two gender limbs all at once.


A Jung-married came to Sirin, the interpreter of dreams of the Mamun, and directed the following question to him: 'I dreamt, the limb has totally been separated me.' Sirin asked: 'By which hour have you looked this?' He answered: 'It was the sixth one.' Sirin said: 'Count from this hour six months and in the seventh one you will die childless.' When the sixth month was, it came in such a way.



  • Dreaming the head of the people, his limb has become strong and powerful, his people will become big, powerful and rich, - a pauper or a my husband will perform extraordinary in his field, - it seems to one, his limb has become erect excessively, he will come by his woman to honour, respect and property.
  • cutting off
  • Becoming to somebody the limb, the heavy punishment and beggary prophesies, - he owns many horses, he will lose them.
  • Seeming it somebody, his limb would be bared and been seen by others, he is reviled and outlawed and his secret of the public are revealed.
  • Having he bares the limb in his four walls, unnoticed from others, the secret of his wife will become obvious to him.
  • Two limbs indicates to have, one will marry shortly and put children in the world.
  • Looking one in the dream his woman with a male limb, he will generate a famous son.
  • he will entrust with
  • Sleeping one with a known eunuch like with a woman together, him his rich possession and his secrets, that is unknown, to an enemy prove good.
  • injure: you are in danger, is careful,
  • dislocate: you must make big efforts to come to the success,
  • lose one: painful loss suffer,
  • separate: your opponent must give way to you,
  • mutilated limbs see: Fear and terror,
  • mutilate: your fear is groundless, one does not want to hurt you.

(European ones).:

  • lose or feel pains in a limb: indicates at loss by own weakness.


  • The male limb means of the man's good name, his strength and his children.
  • Seeming it one, his limb has become bigger and stronger, he will be because of his office in every one's mouth and generate sons, - the emperor has this face, he will live above all long and a son as a successor look. If the same dreams that to itself his limb becomes erect powerfully, somebody comes and seizes it, will grow his ruling area and that who seized his limb confidants of his secrets and coemperors become, - a my husband will bring it in his occupation to something.
  • Dreaming a woman, them has got a male limb, she will give to a boy the life who will do all credit to her gender.
  • Owning of two limbs, he will get to first still the second son, he has no son, two sons or twins testify.
  • Dreaming one, his limb has been separated him whose son will die and he himself him soon in the death follow, - the limb has not been totally separated, his woman will bear a boy who soon dies after the birth, - the dreaming is bent by grief, are soon raised, nevertheless, again.
  • Seeming it one, his limb has become erect beyond all measure, he will experience in his son joy and become famous and mighty himself.
  • becoming smaller and weaker
  • Being the limb, he will lose office and dignity and come to the begging stick, however, his children will become ill and wretched.
  • lose: you will receive an honourary post (contrast dream),
  • the mutilated: after heavy worries comes redemption.
(See also 'body')

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