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In general:

The vision of the rail-illustrated mostly one-sidedness, monotony and inflexibility. The dreaming one is adaptable not enough and is in his life maybe in a dead end. If one dreams of jumping the track, this can be on the one hand a sign for the fact that one would like to give up his stiff principle thinking, on the other hand, however, also register that one is unreasonable and frivolous. The dreaming should watch out for risky decisions. Railroad tracks also remind of the distance and of travelling. If you have removed living friends, longing presumably appears here. Contact once more you.


Departure wish of the unconscious if a train comes. If no train comes, this internal loneliness registers. Who follows her given way in the dream, also inclines in the reality to it: He trusts (as a precaution) rather the 'well-worn ways', and he would not like to deviate from the 'festival-added rails'. Security means everything to him, and only the word 'Risk' can distress him deeply. The repeated dreams which happen in the railway embankment or along the rails want to signal that the dreaming behaves extremely 'rigid' and blocks his development in every regard.


(European ones).:

  • in general: If one has only his worries in the head, it will go worse and worse. One also thinks once of the positive things in the life.
  • rails are blocked by obstacles: one plays a wrong play,
  • on the thresholds of the rails go: difficult times and hard work,
  • on the iron rails go: To influence thanks to the talent, things in own sense, is very happy,
  • one rail way flooded by the water: big pleasure for a short while, - climbs up, indeed, bad luck again like a phoenix from the cinder.
(See also railway)

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