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Faith / believe



  • Dreaming one, he reveres gods, pictures, animals or trees, he will stand with the Pharaoh and his courtiers in favour, measured in the beauty of the pictures, animals and trees.
  • he throws himself at the throne of Pharaoh, as well as it his distinguished act, he will be treated as equal to them in the rank.
  • Being it Pharaoh's stick he reveres or carries, or he sits down in his carriage or his quarrel carriage, he will take the place of his first counsellor.
  • Rising he on Pharaoh's horse or saddle horse and he does it with his approval, will give this to him his woman, however, it happens against his will, the dreaming will entice a girl of Pharaoh, but be caught.
  • Seeming it one, he sleeps with the Pharaoh or this operates with him like with a woman, he will serve the Pharaoh as a secretary and leader of his confidential private correspondence.
  • you mistrusts your friends who mean it well with you.


  • Dreaming somebody, he reveres pictures which carry the names of the biggest stars, or that of the sun, he will direct to the emperor a petition, find hearing and approach so far him as he has come close in the dream to the picture of the sun. The emperor will close after this face with another ruler friendship and peace.
  • he will direct
  • Honouring to the picture of the moon, to the first minister of the emperor a petition, find hearing and approach so far him as he has come close in the dream to the picture of the moon.
  • Seeing to himself at feet of the picture of the Venus, he will stand with the first minister of the empress in favour. The same is valid concerning the remaining stars and the courtiers of the emperor.
  • honoured of the emperors the never going out fire in the temples and it seems to him, as if stinking smoke has emerged from the fire, he is attacked by enemies and are forced to the escape, - however, the smoke is odoriferous, he will gain a shining victory over his enemies. A my husband will serve the emperor and see good or bad days according to the pleasant or revolting smell of the smoke, a woman with her man according to the smell in peace or strife live.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he allows to build a temple and light in it a fire, so that the people revere it, he will appoint from free pieces a coemperor who finds the recognition of the people. If he lets within or beyond the town wall establish a new wall, he will also choose one his to the coemperor, provided, he allows to not drag the old wall, - this is because the case, a change of power will occur. If a my husband or a powerful figure dreams such and it seems to him, he does this without order of the emperor, he will reflect on his fall, - he manages the building of the Berlin Wall, his coup attempt will succeed if not, he is destroyed by the emperor and is removed. If a woman has this dream, her destiny on prospering and ruin will be connected with that of the empress.


  • Dreaming a Christian, he has passed to the Judaism, his faith was not firm, but tottery and lästerlich, and, therefore, he will pass to the everlasting damnation. The emperor will introduce a new Häresie against the will of his people after this face, a my husband appear as a wrong witness, a woman her man deceive, a farm-hand of bad person reflect against his man.
  • Dreaming one, he has dropped from the faith and has become a follower Mohammeds, it will go out to him like the called.
  • Having arise to one of the magic, he will hang his heart on money and wealth, - magicians reflect because only on earthly and do not count on the repayment in On the other side.
  • honoured one the fire, he will strive for offices and power because the fire is an incredibly thing, - these are glowing coal or a fire without flame, smoke and soot, he will get according to his size gold, but lose with unfair means, and his faith.
  • Dreaming one, he is Presbyter and prays for the people, he will be loved his head and from each.
  • he reads out
  • to the people from a book, he will be formed points and. If the emperor has this face, he will be victorious and a wise ruler.
  • Dreaming one, he hits the wooden blow board, he will become mighty man and, with immense voice transferred which people collect by his will around themselves. The emperor will call together the tallness of his empire to an honourable consultation after this dream, also he will live long and take rich pleasure because the blow board spreads joy and cheerfulness. If he hits the board not even, but he hears how another hits it, the dream has the same meaning. A desperately poor who dreams of it will serve high men and make progress be a woman of all world a play of insult and disgrace.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he allows to build a church, he will distinguish a woman of new one and in the rank raise according to the size of the church, - a my husband will attain as a protector of a woman wealth, an unmarried woman a man get, married to the widow will marry and again.
(See also 'idol')

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