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In general:

Glass in the dream refers to an invisible, nevertheless touchable barrier which the dreaming has established around himself to protect himself from relations with other people. It can also be vice versa the case that other people with a glass wall protect themselves from the dreaming. Glass appears in different form in the dream, then, for example, as a window pane or vessel, - one must consider, mostly in addition, the meaning of such symbols to understand the sense. In general glass often indicates that one better sees through himself or other, but maybe yet is not able to draw from it conclusions. The following accompanying circumstances often help in the dream in the individual interpretation:
  • glass can see to point out in the above sense to examination, - it is milky or has covered, this indicates an opaque situation.
  • dirty glass illustrates isolation and feelings of the loneliness.
  • jump in the glass is often understood as a warning of deception and deception.
  • broken glass can show a luck symbol, - one breaks it himself, nevertheless, one must count on quarrel.
  • glass trail promises a profit with a speculation, without one must exert himself for it stronger.
  • glass with water should drink often announce that the health will make amends.
  • glass give away indicates that one loses a good friend.
  • glass shop often warns about carelessness in financial matters.


As in the reality the glass is also a breakable in the dream a little bit very much. It symbolises Überempfindlichkeit of the dreaming or points to a very fragile respect. It is important always what is in these vessels, the contents show because the kind of the process.
  • cups or vessels of glass point to a realisation process.
  • a glass vessel, this breaks, clarity about a final separation gets us, however, can point also to the fragility of the dreamer.
  • a glass full up to the edge gives us glad hours, and if we drink up it up to the bending, good health.
  • separating
  • Being the dreaming by a glass wall of other people, this is a picture for communication difficulties with these people.
  • Looking the dreaming from a glass window, so this is to be understood as a symbol for the view of something new which we can reach.
  • Breaking the dreaming in his dream glass, so this is a tip to the fact that he breaks through his protective wall. He smashes the feelings which restrict him, and moves in a clearer space in which he does not admit establishing new barriers.
  • Who sticks a jumped glass in the dream, a painful knowledge does not want to admit - or not take note at least to the outside '': Central issue it looks at first sight in such a way as if everything was still healthy - and had still got no 'jump'.
  • murky glass indicates that we lack the right view in certain things.
  • of matted or darkened glass can be a tip to the wish for privacy or on the fact that the view of the dreaming is worse in certain situations.
  • One can sit, admittedly, also in a greenhouse what could indicate at weak nerves or on the fact that we would like to put the blame for own omissions with pleasure other. Who himself sits in the greenhouse, should not throw on other with stones. Freud saw a symbol for the female gender organ - now in the glass vessel!


At the spiritual level glass in the dream can show the barrier which exists between the life and the life afterwards. Glass is a symbol, of the transparency and the heavenly element.


Mugs of glass are because of the material of bad premeaning. Sometimes they also announce because of her fragility dangers and bring to light because of her transparency concealed. Another appropriate view says that the drinking vessels call those people who get into contact with our lips. So it means the death of a person being close to us if they shatter. However, lives all alone, the death threatens him himself. I can confirm this observation from own experience. To people on high sea shattering her drinking vessels prophesies wreck. This is the old division and interpretation. Nowadays still there comes the following vision which has often come true: There are certain enghalsige drinking vessels which one has invented before not too long time. If they go to shards, they promise freeing from any hardship and oppression.



  • see an empty one or own: necessary restrictions will put out of tune you, - one must count on a bitter disappointment, - you have no hope for success,
  • fill with water: one does not need to worry about his health,
  • one with water see the full: dubious success in shops,
  • one with clear, refreshing water full hold in the hand or drink: long health and luck,
  • see full, in general: one owns an optimistic philosophy of life,
  • one with spiritual drinks the full: your talkativeness can bring you disadvantages,
  • with wine: glad society,
  • one break: fright-like experiences, - a bad quarrel stands in the house,
  • one see breaking: if the resolution of a relationship forecasts by personal effect,
  • a broken one: Members of you will fall ill, - also: your luck will not stop long,
  • cut: you know to order your matters, - also: good views in the occupation,
  • see trailing: heavy work get,
  • trail: your wealth lifts,
  • give away: one will think yours.

(European ones).:

  • brings luck and presents,
  • the clear, transparent: stands for the application of sharp mind with the coming job,
  • murky or steam up: Obstacles stand to one in the way,
  • trail: meant a speculation,
  • shop: points to waste,
  • give away: one will stand with a person in good respect,
  • own the valuable: one will receive a present,
  • glasses see: indicates at unsteady shops,
  • break: if a division tells in,
  • broken glass: indicates at a surprise by profit, - means luck,
  • see an empty one: one will be a reluctantly seen guest,
  • many empty ones see: it will soon be poor times on one, - save is indicated,
  • one fill with water: good health,
  • see a full one: one will be seen in a society with pleasure,
  • several full ones see: a good sign for an optimistic life setting and for success,
  • see an overcrowded one: if brings quarrel,
  • one fill with wine: if brings joy and pleasure,
  • from one drink: meant well-being,
  • look by one: bitter disappointments will overshadow the most shining views,
  • break from glassware or windows: if the unbecoming resolution of enterprise,
  • announces
  • receive polished glass: one is admired for his astuteness and talents,
  • give away jewellery of polished glass: one will fail in his enterprises,
  • clearly see by a glass window: one will take a place of subordinated rank,
  • look by a murky glass window: one will be in an unhappy situation.


  • receive: would be warned about deception,
  • with water: your health is in order,
  • give away: you will lose a loyal friend,
  • the shattered: you will come by deception to damage,
  • jumped: is honest to your business partner,
  • the empty: Disappointment,
  • trail: you speculate something from,
  • cut: Marriage about year and day.
(See also glasses, window, bottle,' vessel ',' dishes ',' crystal ',' mirror ',' breaking')

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