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Certainly no everyday dream - but who him has, sees either too many appropriate films, or he feels rushed himself 'from the pack' or 'in front of everyone degraded'.


If a bachelor dreams of lining up as a gladiator, it prophesies to him freedom (Released and slaves who were put into the military service, the freedom and the civil right could attain). When gladiator indicates to fight that one must file a lawsuit or deliver, otherwise, any quarrel or fight. Also the gladiatorial fight and boxing contest is called fight, although latter is led without weapons which call the documents and the legal entitlements of the arguing. Always the weapons of the fleeing mean the judicial accusation which will appear of the pursuer, that one himself as an accuser. I have often made the experience that this dream face forecasts the marriage with a woman who has so taken as the arms which one bears, or how the opponent with whom one believes to fight. However, because one can give no clear implementation without exact names, I want to state them. If the opponent is a Thraker (Thraker carried a scimitar (sica), one will marry a small, rectangular or round shield (parma), leather bandages (fasciae) around lower leg or thigh and two splints), a rich, durchtriebene and woman addicted to validity, - one reaches because that is covered by his armament, durchtriebene because of the Askew saber, an addicted to validity one because he attacks. If one fights with a Samniten (Samniten carried a facial helmet (galea) with gigantic comb and plume, splints, big long sign (secutum), sword (gladius) or lance and sleeve in the right arm), one will get a woman, nicely, quite richly, faithfully, haushälterisch and the man to will is. Since the Samnit steps back and is covered, also his equipment is nicer than erstere. If one deals with Secutor (Secutor (pursuer) = modification of the Samniten), one will marry a woman who is pretty though and rich which keeps, however, on her wealth a little bit, so despises her man and to him will cause a lot of trouble, - then of the Secutor pursued always. If one is up to a Retiarius (the net fencers = against main opponent of the Secutor, - with trident or a tuna harpoon (fascina), with a net and dagger equipped, - no splendid armament) carried, one will marry a desperately poor, dear-great lane prostitute who buckles to every lover to the neck. A rider (gladiator to horse, in Tunica dresses and in a round sign equipped) a rich women's room coming from good house which owns, nevertheless, little mind prophesies. The Essedarius (fights out from the carriage which was led by a driver) meant the sluggish and tedious, the Provocator (the challengers, a little known type) nice and kind, nevertheless audacious and dear-great woman. The Dimachairos (equipped with two daggers and unbehelmt) and the so-called Arbelas (put down - arbelos = sickle-shaped knife) call a poisoner or, otherwise, an evil or ugly woman. I write this implementation not in good faith, still on the basis of considerations which go out from the likelyhood, but from the pure experience which often taught me that the dreams go out in each case so.


(European ones).:

  • registers that one will have people about himself who cause grief and worry, - also: A hard competition in the professional life approaches. One is not intimidated and points what one is able to do.

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