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In general:

Everybody gets dark, concealed place symbolises sexual power or the unconscious and the contents edged out there in dreams. Also he can also stand for the personal resources of the dreaming, for all this what he has learnt in the course of the growing-up and tyre. If the dreaming descends in his dream in a vault, besides, fears or dangers often appear. In it his need is expressed to fathom those areas of itself which were buried up to now to accept unaware contents and to be able to process. Maybe the dreaming must also argue with his setting to the death. The individual interpretation depends above all on how one feels in it and what happens. Partly vault is also explained with good shops and financial success, while a dark or collapsing vault points to failures and dangers.


In the psychological interpretation an arched space symbolises the womb or the security feeling in a cave. Though a vault can also represent a grave, but also it stands also for the 'archives of the Wissens' to which all people have access. The collective unconscious often remains concealed, until the dreaming really tries to discover this available knowledge.


At the spiritual level the vault in the dream represents a place of the meetings between mind and body - and therefore also the death.



  • see a fragile one or enter: is careful, it threatens in the next future danger,
  • see a nice intact one: you search a sure place and will find him,
  • stride through: indicates at a difficult job which one has before himself or in which one must prove courage.

(European ones).:

  • see: means that losses will enter if one has not made provision accordingly, - also: prophesies a bereavement and other misfortune,
  • stride through: one has a difficult job before himself,
  • one vaulted treasury see: own wealth will surprise others,
  • open doors of a vault see: if promises loss and deception of the people which one trusts
  • are in one: tells losses in,
  • in a dark one: big losses,
  • in underground, to dark ones be: one has to expect an attack on his person,
  • in a being getting light one: small losses,
  • as a store: good trend of affairs,
  • as a cellar: one will make savings,
  • see collapsing: if brings misfortune,
  • with many people together in it be: if a conspiracy tells against the state in.


  • (see themselves in a vault): you will increase your property by cleverness.

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