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In general:

In the dream a thunderstorm shows unexpected changes which will already run off or take place soon and which one cannot overlook consciously generally yet, - they often arise from the spontaneous unloading of internal tensions which can appear in long edged out conflicts and lead, for example, to a violent quarrel which settles the atmosphere again. They take place maybe also on account of a knowledge or a revelation. Often such a revelation causes a destruction of the structures, they the dreaming to his Protection in his life has inserted. Maybe the dream symbol of the dreaming also requires to leave everyday structures and relations in such a way as they are and to change instead of this the way of thinking. A thunderstorm can also point to a strong passion, for example, on love, which 'attacks' the dreaming suddenly.


The destructive in the dream points to the cleaning strength of our soul. If a dream of a thunderstorm acts, the dreaming marks with it tension unloadings in certain manner. Maybe a situation exists in the everyday life of the dreaming who must be sprinkled, so that something new bursts out and the conditions change. This may look devastating at first sight, but it is a necessary act. If the dreaming considers all known facts, he will recognise the right action manner.


At the spiritual level a thunderstorm shows a form of the spiritual enlightenment. This can be sudden recognising of the personal truth or a universal consciousness.



  • with heavy flashes and precipitation see: glad experiences,
  • get in: one will not be able to step aside to forthcoming discussions, - there come heavy times, are sparing and careful.

(European ones).:

  • advises the fear of God and promises good, - you approach struggles of existence which end, however, happily, - one will have terrible annoyance, - and friends will behave towards indifferently,
  • on free field experience: tells bigger events of general-political, social or similar kind in, namely increase,
  • in a dark sky: brings riots in the country, - in own life riots gather,
  • , besides, at a protected place be: one will avoid a danger, - there follows an unloading and then follows a positive development,
  • are surprised by one: menacing evil,
  • experience a heavy one: good progress of the shops.


  • hear: you are not always loyal.
(See also flash, thunder)

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