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In general:

Profit in the dream stands mostly as a warning before losses, - this can refer to financial matters, but also to interpersonal contacts in which one must surrender maybe too much.


Even if he is expressly declared as a monetary profit or possibly as a lotto luck, he hardly deals something with financial success, but he stands almost always for ideal goods like a new friendship, pining away love or luck in the family.



  • in the lottery: you will search your luck in vain,
  • in the business life: no food worries, - your hopes come true.

(European ones).:

  • in trade: one will have his good living,
  • in the play: points to financial losses by speculations, - a closed deal turns out mistake, - also: promises good friendship,
  • in the lottery: one should not bury his hopes.


  • have: you will find out disagreeable.

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