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In general:

In the dream a weight tells to feel that the dreaming is aware of his responsibility. It could also be a tip that the dreaming should value the meaning and seriousness of his activities. Scales weight often symbolises good shops and profits. Several scales weights are a symbol for a situation in which it becomes necessary to weigh two different valencies 'mutually'. If one has pressed in the dream weights, one must or possibly increase from. In any case, one should take seriously the dream advice.


  • a scales weight as a vision can draw the attention of the dreaming to the fact that he should act soberly and practically. He must remain with the feet on the carpet. Deep-psychologically it can point to self-esteem and influence of a person, so on the weight of his personality.
  • the charges and difficulties symbolise in the dream
  • Several scales weights, as well as oppressions (the oppressive duties) to which the dreaming is put out concerning his personality development. Often the dream consciousness reminds the dreaming with this picture to take problems more seriously. On the other side this picture can also be a request to take, however, nothing heavier than it is actual and charges of the everyday life to diminish. The whole dream action and the things which stand with the weights in connection give more explanation.
  • he increases in the dream strongly in body weight, he recognises that he must increase the range of his activity in any manner.
  • this could point out
  • Being the dreaming dissatisfied with his body weight, to fear of too much responsibility or on the fact that he does not feel enough prepared for a certain job.


At the spiritual level the weight in the dream is a symbol for Ernst and dignity.



  • (with them work): good progress of the business,
  • hold: you have a high-powered position and one hears on your word.
  • promise profit, salary and good shops, - also: new work in new surroundings, many discussions and plans forge,
  • carry a heavy one: Freeing from grief.


  • see: you have to register a good progress of your business.
(See also scales)

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