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Association: - Power, - aggression, - menace. Question: - What threatens me? Where in my life I want to be protected?

In general:

The gun is an absolutely male instrument. The dreamer wants to impress with strength, strength and power. Gun can symbolise as a phallic symbol aggressive sexual needs which one must hold more under control. Often it also points to inclining to the aggressiveness the, actual however weak, under inhibitions and feeling of inferiority the suffering personality which must take care of advancement and maturation.


Guns, submachine guns and other firearms stand in the dream than symbols for inclination to strong aggression. Some psychoanalysts hold the gun for a pure sex symbol. If a man carries it or makes ready to shoot, he has in her opinion the unequivocal intentions which he cannot fulfil from shyness or another reason. Indeed, another interpretation is still possible. In the TV western the hero is mostly omnipotent, always has the last shot and never misses of course his aim. In the dream these pictures point to omnipotence feelings of the dreaming. Besides we can fire out with him about our aim, - translates: We should chilly wait for our opportunity to do at the right moment the right thing. Who shoots in the dream more or less accurately at a person, wants to meet in the awake life maybe a competitor or a competitor. If one dreams himself in the sacrificial role and a gun on one is directed, one feels threatened and 'forced into a corner' - very often an emotional compulsive situation is reflected in such a nightmare: One feels forced to say to a respect, a personal decision etc. - 'with the gun run in the breast', so not quite voluntarily.



  • see: act surely and avoid nobody, - also: you should develop more courage in the life,
  • carry: keep away from acts of violence, they would overthrow you in the downfall, - also: you are strong and one can wear to you nothing,
  • go with it on the hunt: Infidelity in the love find out, - also: you forfeit your luck by carelessness,
  • wildly open fire: in embarrassment get, - can also mean that you become ill,
  • shoot with it straight: One tries to achieve an aim by force. This is not the right way.
  • hang up: you are in danger without protection and, - care and cleverness is important.

(European ones).:

  • gun or hunter's tin: if quick conscription announces to the military, - otherwise also invitation for the hunt, - also: if grief,
  • promises
  • hear the noise of a gun: one will lose his job,
  • with a gun shoot a person: one will fall from favour,
  • shoot: you are robbed, - one will come to big embarrassment, - one tries to attain an aim by force,
  • are shot: are annoyed by bad people and maybe suffer an acute illness,
  • carry: you will find protection and help, - one is behind somebody,
  • others see carrying: one feels other person put under far,
  • the nice: you will fall in love,
  • go with it on the hunt: Infidelity,
  • then
  • Dreaming a woman of shooting, is predicted to her in connection with scandals a pugnacious call. A married woman becomes unhappy by other women.
  • Dreaming a woman of a gun, she is afraid of aggressive sexuality and should develop more courage in the life.
(See also gun, submachine gun)

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