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In general:

The dream of a garment can mean that the dreaming cover his nakedness or something tries to hide. It can also be an expression of relaxation and relaxed mood. What applies, depends on the context of the dream. If the dreaming wraps another person in a garment, he offers him protection. Garment (clothes) which one carries should stand after old dream books for security, security and satisfaction.


A garment can be a tip to the position of the dreaming concerning sexuality and relations. If it is clean, the dreaming has a healthy self-image, it is dirty, the opposite is the case. A dirty garment can also mean dejection.


At the spiritual level a white garment symbolises innocence and a garment without hemline holiness.



    aristocratic people and high respect mean
  • The touched Chitone. If one dreams, he puts on a touched garment against his habit, he will win nobility, joy and high respect.
  • Being the garment purple, even bigger joy, if blue, bigger wealth, if yellow, a double illness will approach him, - a dress partly from white, partly from black colour indicates elegance and misery because of the double meaning.
  • touched garments of silk prophesy more lasting wealth, the other lower, - those from the wool of the beaver or other fur animals, namely touched Chasdia, promise more and bigger wealth than the above ones.
  • The so-called foot-long garments mean greatest wealth.
  • Dreaming somebody, he carries such a dress, he will acquire a property which many have gathered because the work on this dress requires many needle stings.
  • Having the latter red points, will wave to him according to their number of sounding coin, provided that he is not in habit to carry the dress, he carries it, however, normally, only low profit.
  • Carrying somebody a long, golddurchwirktes garment, he will live according to the amount of golden threads in misery and bad call, is blue-coloured it or water blue, according to the colour fullness silver coins to bushels, - if the dress is yellow or from different colours, a corporal punishment will threaten him after their number.
  • tailor: you are sparing and become rich,
  • carry to the tailor: you will come to debts,
  • give away: you come to poverty and need,
  • carry, black: a bereavement in the family,
  • carry, knows: happy news and engagement,
  • tear: heavy loss suffer, grief have.

(European ones).:

  • annoyance, deception,
  • see fine garment: Success or failure will appear, depending on, whether nicely and cleanly or dirtily,
  • see fine, but old-fashioned: Herald of luck, nevertheless, one despises the progress,
  • throw away an old-fashioned: one will grow out of his pleasant surroundings and make a new beginning in punkto relations, love affairs and personal initiative,
  • see themselves or other in the white garment: points to changes, - also: one can endure his sadness almost always well,
  • with a person who carries a white garment go: prophesied of this person pain and illness, except it is a young woman or a child, - then this is a nice sphere which continues at least one season long
  • or other see black dressed: Quarrel and disappointments with friends, - shops stay behind behind the expectations,
  • yellow garment: stands for cheerfulness and financial impetus, - luck stands to one in the house, - it darts only past, could stamp in the opposite,
  • blue garment: Signs for the fact that one will achieve his aims by pertinacious application and strain - friends support to one in his efforts,
  • crimson garment: one will escape awful enemies, - while one will change for a short time the explained intentions,
  • green garment: if a sign is for prosperity and luck,
  • garments with coloured colours: stands for quick change and good and bad influence will mix,
  • bad-seated garment: close people reject those of a brought affection, - also: one will make in quite a lot of plan a mistake,
  • old or young people in age-appropriate garment see: points to an engagement with which one will make to himself no friends and which gives occasion for big worry,
  • shop: if brings luck,
  • lose a garment: if annoyance signals in the work and in dear problems,
  • in her clothes not to feel fine meant for a woman that she must fight on her search for social recognition, with rivals.
  • she will have to fight
  • admired a young woman the garment more different, with jealousy.
  • Dreaming a young woman of the fact that she carries a haudŁnnes black costume stand grief and disappointment in the house.
  • If a young woman another with a crimson garment and a funereal veil meets, this forecasts that it is dug up by another, moreover, she becomes by disappointments the Frauenhasserin. (Who would like to interpret these dreams, should pay attention to whether the objects look natural. If the faces are disfigured and the light is uncanny, although the colours are bright, care is right: The failing of an important plan will add to a damage.)


  • the white: Satisfaction sweeps in your house.
  • shop: Luck,
  • carry the black: Grief (obvious symbolism).
(See also clothes)

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