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Among the so-called plausible sourses should give to whose words one to faith and follow I count, firstly, the gods, - then the lies are foreign to a God. Secondly, the priests, - they enjoy the same admiration like the gods on earth. Thirdly the rulers and the governing, - then rule has God's power. Fourthly the parents and the teachers, - then them are same to the gods who teach one, while they give us the life, the others, while they to us the right life-style. Further the seers, but only those who are no swindlers or lie prophets. Since must hold everything what Pythagoreer and people, which to pull attempt from the shape, the movement and the features of the person ends on the nature and the character of the same from features (Physiognomiker =), from cubes, cheese, seven, from shape and hands, from water washbasin and by means of Geisterzitieren prophesy, one with and separate for lies and chimeras, - then her machinations are appropriate, and from the real art of the white agent they do not have the slightest notion, probably, however, they exclude with her tricks and Deception-purely everybody, which they in way comes, hard. As only true turns out that what is stated by sacrificial priests, bird's showers, astronomers, from miracle sign interpretes and interpreters of dreams as well as by intestinal showers in the dream. One should give to the astrologers who issue horoscopes attention. Then the dead people (mantische strength of the dead people belong to the plausible sourses, - then the relieved dead person's soul is suited particularly the show of the future) because they say anyway the truth. Liars are deceptive for usual for two reasons, either because they hope, or because they fear. Those, however, which neither hope nor fear speak of course the truth, and these are soonest the dead people. Also the children say the truth, - they still understand nothing of peeping and Carrying. Then the quite old people, - then the credibility is already expressed by her age. Also animals speak anyway the truth because they do not possess the power of the word. The remaining people, however, not to lose me in details lie what they also say, those excluded whose reliability is obvious, and people of pure character. Actors and stage artists are implausible just because of her empty declamations for each, distant sophist, poor people, priests to the big god's mother (Galloi, Kybele = (Magna matrix)), cut and eunuchs, - this point, even if they talk nothing at all, delusive hopes in because they count on account of her nature neither to the men nor to the women. Because, however, the people feel often cheated if certain prophecies were given them and these came true not as expected, sticks to the principle that the gods and all reliable sourses say, in any case, the truth, however, they speak every now and then simply and understandably, every now and then with covered allusions. If they speak simply and understandably, they cause no difficulties, still they make because of the clarity of the statement many words, - however, they speak with covered allusions and darkly, you must try to interpret the allusions. Since it is quite comprehensible that the gods give most instructions codedly because they, wiser than us, do not want that we accept a little bit unchecked. Thus somebody dreamt, Pan says him: 'Your woman will pass to you poison by X which is your friend and narrow friend.' Now though his marriage half gave to him no poison, however, it can be enticed just by that man by whose closing she would poison her husband after the saying, - then adultery and Giftmischerei occur in the confidential, and one calls both posters, and neither the adulteress nor the poisoner loves her man. Consequently the woman soon separated from her man, - then the death dissolves all connections, however, the poison has the same meaning like the death. Here still the following: If the gods do not carry the clothes corresponding to them, they are not on the place coming up to them or do not show them the proper position, everything is what they say, Peeping and Carrying (negation of the statement). It is a matter of steering his attention on everything at the same time: on the speaker, the spoken, the place, the external position and the clothes of the speaking. The lyre player Chrysampelo who carried on a lawsuit around a servant kidnapped as slaves dreamt, he sees Pan on the marketplace in Roman Gewandung and footwear sitting. The God answered his question, as it would stand the process: 'You will win him. ' However, he lost him and the thing went out quite of course, loves - then the God, which the loneliness and is declined processes which leads only one fawn's fur, a shepherd's stick and a shepherd's flute, sat on the marketplace, excited with a state dress. Hence, the face judges the interpretations been given in the dream if they are easy and clear, as selfinterpreted and as cases which contain the solution in themselves, and does not indicate further in the interpretations. If they are dark, however, tries in such a way to decipher the interpretations independently and to find a solution. Thus, e.g., Plutarch dreamt, he rises, enjoys controlled by Hermes, to the sky up and the highest bliss, and at the next night somebody laid out to him in the dream the face and said, he will become luck-blest, and the rise means this in the sky and the excessive feeling of happiness. Now he was laid low ill, and his state was doubtful. Soon afterwards he died, and it was this what the dream face and his interpretation announced him. Since for a sick person the rise to the sky is a disastrous sign, and the feeling of big luck announces him the death, - then luck-blest is only that who is untouched of the unblessing, - in this situation, however, is only the dead person. (See also 'gods')

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