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Stars can stand for something mysterious, puzzling, far distant which one more exactly must analyse, - this refers to own personality or to other people and circumstances. The bright stars should announce unexpected happy news.



  • The sun means without every doubt the person of the emperor, the moon the man mightiest after him, the Venus Augusta, the remaining big stars the dignitaries of the emperor and the other stars the world all together.
  • Dreaming one, he comes close to the solar disc or seizes them, will give him the emperor so much favour as he has come close to the sun, - a woman will become an empress after this face, - the emperor has this dream, he will subject another ruler.
  • Fighting or somebody argues with the beaming sun, he will rise against the emperor, - a my husband will be punished by this.
  • Seeming it to one, he sends out rays like the sun, he will gain according to the light shine the imperial crown, - the emperor will turn out even more fully of fame in his majesty, - with a woman is valid the same interpretation.
  • Dreaming a woman, them bears the sun, she becomes, she is who wants to them give birth to an emperor.
  • Seeming it to one in the dream as if rays went out from him, so that the people cannot look at him, will also become he emperor.
  • If somebody the solar ball in hands holds, however, this sends no rays, he will recover and become glad, if he is ill or lives in misery, - a powerful figure will ignore the emperor hold prisoner this one mighty king or prince.
  • Seeming it one, the sun illuminates quite unusually his house with her rays, will make a donation to him the emperor, to the sunlight immediately, joy and wealth, - the emperor sees the sun or the solar disc coming to his palace, he will generate a successor to the throne, big man or a low man will be raised.
  • in general: your way is prescribed to you, you must go him,
  • nice and quietly radiating ones see: your wishes go out your horizon,
  • highlights see: are glad about positive news,
  • see one before himself: you should follow the internal instruction and a fate guidance,
  • the stars observe: disillusionment,
  • follows a passionate dear affair
  • flickering ones: your whole activities and activity will be without to the firmness,
  • weakly gleaming ones: your despondency leads to nothing,
  • darkly: it will soon come to puzzling events,
  • see starless sky: Warning before an accident or a sign that we have not followed the guidance and are on the wrong way.

(European ones).:

  • highlights see: a good message,
  • gets dark: puzzling things tell themselves in.


  • see: puzzling things occur,
  • gets dark: puzzling things approach,
  • highlights: happy message from wide distance.
(See also geometrical figures,' gods ',' moon ',' the sun ',' star', etc.)

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