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In general:

The society in which one is often indicates the need for more social contacts with isolated people. A big society in which one feels lost can point out to the fact that own living conditions are muddled at the moment and must be soon ordered again.


Who visits them, maybe does not want to be so lonesome in the awake life any more, would like to confide in other person to overcome emotionally the crushing. Old-Egyptian dream researchers interpreted this, admittedly, differently: Who sees himself as a guest on a society, comes to muddled relations.



  • organise: a lot of disagreement will originate from you among your friends, - confused relations, - also: big issues and small success,
  • visit: interesting acquaintances, - also: you find out news,
  • with a society ride or go: you have slope to the waste,
  • parlour game: your cleverness brings success.

(European ones).:

  • are present at one: confused relations,
  • in one feels fine: if the fulfilment of an ardent wish,
  • promises
  • an uncomfortable society: Defamation,
  • give: one will close acquaintances,
  • found company society with a man: means unsafe and fluctuating financial matters,
  • with a woman found: one will take part in a thing which one tries to conceal before his friends,
  • dissolve an ineffective one: Matters will take care completely by itself by own wishes,
  • dissolve a successful one: it expect to a disconcerting news.
(See also guest)

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