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Brothers and sisters

In general:

Brothers and sisters can warn in the dream sometimes about quarrel with relatives. Often one interprets them, however, individually.


In the dream people who are of different opinion and get on, nevertheless.
    these are
  • with the man the I-shades of the soul which show the weak, but also the unconsciously valuably remaining in the shape of the brother.
  • with the woman is the sister of the shades of the own I, the brother is a representative of the internal male feeling world.
  • quarrel with brothers and sisters is translated as a frustration into the everyday life, as a deterioration of the instantaneous situation.
  • one should take
  • Speaking one from or with brothers and sisters, as a warning not to get entangled in misunderstandings.
  • Losing one in the dream of brothers and sisters, one can come sooner or later to a compulsive situation.



  • see or speak: Incommodities, quarrel and quarrel with relatives, - (42, - 67)
  • see dying: Misfortune and death.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant luck, - brings a surprise, - long life,
  • with them speak: Loss of the same,
  • many have: a good omen, one has new ideas and a lot of ambition to put through them, - great success stands before the door,
  • late ones see: if brings long, healthy life,
  • with them argue: indicates contradictory feelings to own personality.


  • see: Incommodities with relatives,
  • late ones see: you must be careful, because the death lurks for you.
(See also brother, sister)

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