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In general:

Taste encloses everything what interests us because it corresponds to our inclinations. If is not in the dream a little bit after the taste of the dreaming, it does not agree with his ideals and values.
  • noted the dreaming in his dream that his surroundings have a 'good taste' expels these things nice on the esteem.
  • pleasant taste often points to the fullness of the life possibilities which one should use more.
  • disagreeable taste can register that one follows wrong needs and refers to the fact that the food - which can symbolise all possible - the dreaming is not nourishing.


In the awake state the person knows as a rule what he likes and which his personal graduations are. In dreams these graduations can get mixed up to emphasise a change. If the dreaming finds out, for example, that he finds in the dream a colour nice which he ordinarily does not like in the awake state, then this one request can be to investigate the new colour more exactly and to find out what she has to offer to the dreaming.


With big sensitivity and consciousness also there comes a refinement of the taste. This is also in the spiritual area in such a way, - the dreaming learns to estimate finer, nicer things. (See also colours)

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