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Sexual intercourse


The sexual intercourse in the dream is much more frequent than to interpret integration symbol, as the wish for sexuality. One would like to integrate something else. Pay attention especially to how you would characterise the partners. How is the mood with the sexual intercourse?


One arranges the chapter about the sexual intercourse best of all in the manner that one discusses first that which stands in the harmony with nature, law and custom, then the law-contrary and, finally, the unnatural ones. Concerning the sexual intercourse permissible according to the law is valid the following: To be present at his own woman if she agrees, feels like in addition and does not struggle against the traffic, is good for everybody without exception, - then the wife means the craft of the dreaming or his business from which he scoops desire and joy to which he projects like his wife and which he leads. The dream face calls the material benefit which one derives from his activities, - then just as the dear pleasure also prepares material profit for the people joy. If the wife struggles, however, or is not they to will, it means the opposite. The same is valid from the lovers. The traffic with Hetären in brothels means on the one hand a small scandal and slight issues, - then men who get involved with these people, are ashamed and pay in addition. On the other hand, Hetären are in view of every plan of good premeaning, - they will unite from the 'commercial-competent' called, and they reveal themselves without opposing. If one imagines to sleep with an unknown female, and is dressed these well grown, gracefully, preciously and well, with golden necklaces it is hanged herself and offers, - is for the dreaming a good sign and announces him a great success in his enterprises, - however, it is old, ugly, deformed and in scoundrel a wrapped woman who behaves badly and does not want to stoop, it means the opposite of that what means the previous. Unknown females have to be valid because as effigies of enterprises which will take an exit for the dreaming. Depending on the women's room has taken and presents itself, accordingly the enterprise of the dreaming will unwind. Well it is more distant to be present at his own slave or his own slave, - then the slaves put out the property of the dreaming. Therefore, they mean to him quite of course satisfaction in his property which becomes bigger and more considerable. Badly against it it is to be used by a house slave because one has disdain and damage of him to gewärtigen. The same is valid if such of his brother happens, indifferently whether he is younger or older, or from a personal enemy. If one dreams of operating with a well known and friendly woman in whom one is in love and which one desires, the dream experience as a result of the kindled passion has no meaning. If the dreaming has, however, no desire for the woman, it gives to him something good, if the person concerned is wealthy, - then, in any case, the man of the woman whom he saw in the dream immediately or indirectly will have a use. One which offers itself also with her having is quite natural lavishly. Often this dream face brings to the dreaming because he has penetrated into the secrets of the woman, advantage, - then such a female gives the possibility to touch also the most confidential (Ta aporreta = the secret is synonymous with Ta aidoia = the pubic parts). Nothing good makes, because of the law sleep with a legally married. The dream face also causes the same punishments which the law about covers with the adultery caught. Against it it is for a Mrs. von Nutzen, from a friend, he is to be taken up who is he. It brings to a man again advantage to be used by a rich and older one, - then from such people one normally gets something, - badly against it it is if such of a younger or desperately poor one happens, - then to such people one maintains something else add. The same means it if that who takes up older, but a beggar is. If one dreams of becoming erect his limb with the hands, he will use a slave or a slave because the hands which are operated, besides provide auxiliary services. If he owns no slaves, he will suffer damage, because of the useless removal of the seed. I know a slave to whom it dreamt, he masturbates his man, - he became a responsible person and educator of his children, - then he had taken in hand the limb of his man which calls his children. Another is known again to me who dreamt, the same happens to him from on the part of his man. He was bound to a column, a beating received and was stretched in this manner by his man. Concerning the law-contrary sexual intercourse one has to decide as follows: To use his not yet five-year-old son means to this the death how I have often ascertained, - this interpretation is quite consistent because the child is spoilt, - we call 'downfall', however, the death. If the boy is older than five years, but not yet ten, he will fall ill, while the dreaming will get involved thoughtlessly in shops and ruin thereby. Since before the ripe abused boy will suffer as a result of his tender age pains and fall ill thereby to which father ruin, however, himself because of his unreason, - then nobody, the healthy common sense owns, remembers to use his son or to use generally a boy of this age. If the son is, however, after the child years, the father, if he is poor, will send him in the school, the lessons let themselves cost to something and overexert themselves thus for him (who separate expressions apokriseis poieisthai =, will retire and suffer losses in Greek also in sexual meaning used) apousias poieisthai =. If a judge has this dream experience, he will turn his son a lot and leave bequeath and deliver to him in this manner from his fullness. Luck brings it if the dreaming believes to get involved with his quite adult son, if this lives away from home, - then the dream means that both will gather and operate with each other, because of the meaning of the expression 'traffic'. Badly against it it is if the son is at home and lives together with the father, - father and son will separate necessarily because the sexual intercourse occurs among men mostly abwendig. If one is used by his own son, one will suffer sensitive damage by him, - admittedly, the son will also get to feel him. If somebody dreams of getting involved with his own father, he will leave his native country as an exile or fall out with his father, - either the father himself will turn away from him, or mean his fellow citizens, them the same one like the father. Be quite small, not yet five-year-old little daughter. ., however, it is younger than ten, it means the same like with the son. If the girl is marriageable, it will marry a man, and the dreaming will control it and inform in this manner the daughter of his fullness. I know somebody who lost his wife according to this dream experience and the dream face came true quite consistently. Since from then on the daughter to him ran the household and perceived with it the duties of wife and daughter. If somebody imagines to operate with his married daughter, this will separate from her man and return to the father, so that she lives together now with him and with him wrong. Well it is for arms which have a rich daughter if he sleeps with this, - he will receive big allowances from her and have thus his desire in her. Often rich fathers made bigger issues for the trousseau of her daughters after this dream face also against her will, and ill fathers died and left behind her daughters as heirs. To speak of the sister is unnecessary, - she means the same like the daughter. It is favorable for the dreaming if he his brother, is older he or younger, uses, - he will surpass him and treat contemptuous. Who gets involved with a friend, will quarrel with him, suffer damage by him before, however. One can say the following about the unnatural sexual intercourse. If a judge dreams, he operates with himself, it prophesies to him the loss of his property, the most bitter need and hunger because no partner is there for him, heavy illness or excessive tortures approach an arm against it, - then without big torture nobody can operate with itself. If a childless dreams, he kisses his limb, children will be given him, - he has children away from home, he will see again them in the native country and kiss warmly, - many unmarried entered a marriage after this dream experience. If a woman uses another, she will inform of her secrets of the Beischläferin. If she does not know this, however, she will tackle useless actions. If a woman is taken up by another, she will separate from her husband or verwitwen, - nevertheless she will get to know the secrets of the Beischläferin. To unite with a God or a goddess or to be used by God means to a sick person the death, - then then the soul prophesies the most tender connection with the gods if she is about to leave her dwelling, the body. To all others it gives notice if they desire in the traffic wear material use from better-off, however, she feels annoyance, besides, fears and excitement. In no case it is favorable, - to be present Artemis, Athena, Hestia, Rhea, Hera or Hekate. The dream face prophesies to the dreaming before long the death, - then these Göttinen are venerable, and those which they dare to touch, must count, as we believe, on bad punishment. To operate with Selene dropsy prophesies to shipowners, coxswains, great businessmen, astronomers, keen travellers and Ladstreichern big use, to all others against it, - to which one she helps because of the movement, the other because there can be no sky observation without them, she heaps the latter away because she is humid of nature. It is quite disastrous to unite with a dead person, man or woman, except, it concerns the mother being used the sister, the wife or lover, and from a dead person, - then the dead people become earth, - they use nothing else is to be pushed than in the earth and to be used by them, to take up earth in the body. Both means the death, excluded for people who live away from home and not where the dead people are buried, - the dream experience the homecoming prophesies this in the concerning country. And it hinders those which want to leave her native country in it. If somebody dreams of pursuing buggery with an animal, he will have, if he himself copulates, from a person advantages whose symbol is the concerning animal. If he is mated, however, the concerning compulsion and power will have to endure. Many died after this face. So much would be said about the sexual intercourse. Avoid no trouble to ask conscientiously every detail of the dream experience, because sometimes the dream exits already change with a slight addition or an unimportant omission. Thus dreamt somebody who had an ill son, he uses him and feels desire, besides. The boy stayed alive, - 'use' then for as well as for 'own' say we 'have'. In this case the interpretation went out from the pleasurable sensation. Another which had an ill son dreamt, he uses him, however, would be depressed about that. The boy died, - then 'are spoilt' is synonymous with 'are abused' and with 'die'. In this case the interpretation went out from the depressed being. It dreams somebody, he operates with a piece of iron as one operates with a woman. He was condemned to the slave work and had to handle with iron, that is live in chains, another which had this face the gender limb was taken. A man dreamt, he is used from are. He got a suffering in the bottom and bottom, and because he could not be cured in other manner, he underwent a surgical intervention and was cured. Of are means the iron of the knife how one also says in the colloquial language instead of iron figuratively of are, - the pleasurable sensation in the sexual intercourse indicated that the intervention happily runs. (See also brothel, Fellatio, coitus, mother,' sexuality')

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