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Gender organs / genitals

In general:

Discharge dream, the relaxation brings, - release of displacement, suppressed wishes etc.


If somebody 'clearly' dreams of it, it presumably deals more with desire than with symbolism. Even though - there are them, the symbolic ambiguity of such only apparently sexual dreams: Not seldom a gigantic dreamt phallus has above all the 'power' (or the fear of it) in many areas of life still present 'male superiority'. On the other hand, it goes in many psychic processes and perception for what certainly also dreams belong) after S. Freud around the 'loose solution of the sexuality of the genitals'. That is: Even if it looks (particularly unambiguously) after the fact that a person wants 'always only one', nevertheless, he searches, actually, the ideal sensuous-erotic whole experience, the love.


It dreamt somebody, his woman pulls up her dress and shows him her genitals. The woman brought on to him a lot of evil, - then she had pulled before him to the sign of her disdain the dress upwards. A woman dreamt, she holds the gender limb detached by the remaining body of her husband in the hands, it maintains and is anxious very much of the fact that nothing happens to him. She got from the man a son whom she brought up, - the limb of the man was the symbol of the son because this was generated with his help. Because, however, the limb had been separated from the remaining body, it separated from her man, after she had brought up the son. It dreamt somebody, he has an iron gender limb. A son was born to him who killed him, - then the iron becomes by the rust which originates from him. It dreamt somebody, he feeds his gender limb like an animal on bread and cheese. He came to a bad end, - to supply then instead of the food to the mouth, he gave them to the limb, as if he wanted to indicate with it, he has neither face nor mouth. It dreamt somebody, his gender limb is quite straggly up to the acorn crown of full hair and as a result of the sudden incoming Sprießens. It became a distinct Wollüstling which dedicated itself to every kind of the excess, only he did not use his gender limb in kind as it men are in habit to act. No miracle if this body part became so sluggish that because of the missing friction in another body hair could grow in it. Somebody dreamt, he has three gender limbs. He was a slave, was released and acquired instead of a name three, while he two other of the Freilasser hinzunahm. An athlete dreamt, he has received, after he would have the gender limb cut-off and with an oil branch the head umwunden to himself, the victory wreath. He became a winner in the holy plays and famous, - and as long as he lived maiden, he gained as an athlete shining success and fame, - when he had arisen, however, to the joys of the love, he had to surrender ruhmlos his occupation.

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