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Association: - Vessels for nourishing. Question: With which want I to feed myself?

In general:

Eating dishes mostly symbolise the relation to other people and then often express that one behaves clumsy, clumsily, shyly or awkwardly. Broken dishes are understood traditionally as a luck symbol, warns maybe, however, also about quarrel.


All kinds of the dishes carry dishes and are to be interpreted first the concerning food. The form - whether angularly or around, openly or unanimously - matters. And again is to be respected to it of which material these dishes exist in the dream. Porcelain and glass is slightly breakable, with glass his transparency comes. Stoneware is difficult and rather stable. Pay attention also to whether the dishes are rather noble or easy. What does symbolise his decoration or his colour? If one washes in the dream dishes, one is in an unclear situation with which something can slide from the hand. Luck-like changes in the informal area should arise if we buy new dishes because we have maybe broken the old one, - here is valid: Shards bring luck! Glass: The glass holds like the cup and the jug liquids, only is transparent. This mostly indicates as a result, that one his Feeling contents should make transparent - in rare cases it can also mean the opposite, that one because his Feeling contents points too clearly. Jug: The jug holds liquids and indicates with it at the feeling. He gives a form like the cup and the glass to the feeling. It's all right. with this dream symbol around the creation of own feeling and particularly therefore, the mental needs in the hand to take to grasp that is and to start something with them. Schussel: Among the rest, the bowl is a widespread female symbol by her roudness. Here it depends on with which they Schussel according to your image can be filled. See as a tip to your receptiveness. Cup: The cup mostly encloses a hot liquid like coffee or tea. Here we find the passion, the hot feeling appealed. Plate: The meaning of the plate is determined by what he carries as he is decorated and of which material he exists. If he is dirtily or cleanly? Have you empty-eaten your plate? That is you internalise what is moved forward to you? Do you eat what comes on the table?



  • (kitchen utensils) see: Tiff in the house, - the astonishing visit of an old friend who will bring, nevertheless, frustration,
  • see for single: may hope for a quick engagement,
  • from metal: one will make a good part,
  • shop: a marriage stands before the door,
  • see breaking: Luck in all situations,
  • see the broken: Disputes with unknown people,
  • break: unhappy chance, - quarrel, - your clumsiness brings you losses,
  • wash away: the fulfilment of his duties prepares for a problem, - also: your relations form,

(European ones).:

  • (for harnessing of the animals): promises good shops with some diligence,
  • (cooking dishes): generally Clap-purely,
  • one handles with other people carefully or frivolously and, besides, breaks something easily,
  • see: domestic tiff,
  • see for single, a lot of dishes: a wedding soon approaches,
  • buy the new: Enlargement of the family,
  • see the dirty: one will have worries in the household,
  • wash away: Harmony in the love and friendship,
  • smash intentionally: Family tiff and quarrel, - like the 'elephant in the porcelain shop' behave,
  • break: meant luck,
  • see breaking: if quarrel announces in the family or a lot of incommodities,
  • see the broken: you will lose friends,
  • from metal have: good relations, also rich marriage,
  • golden (dinner set, like dishes in carriage, equipage and dergl.): Wealth.


  • the metal: you will make a rich marriage,
  • break: soft to the quarrel from.
(See also glass, porcelain)

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