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In general:

Generally reflect dreams in which physical skill plays a role, requires a need in skills in the awake life, however, as a rule on another than the purely physical level (unless the occupation Rechtshändigkeit or one, e.g., an eager do-it-yourselfer is.) If it was in the dream about skill, one was maybe a sad failure or managed with the job only hard. This could be a warning that one takes the things too easily, or that one should concentrate upon his present job. The dream can reflect of course also simply deliberate or unaware fears. Ballet dancers often dream that they could explain a difficult step not precisely. Most people have nightmares concerning her work, and as a rule also does not lie behind any more.


Maybe you sometimes dream of any craft or artisan talent which you exercise cleverly and successfully? It could absolutely be a tip to an up to now ignored - or underestimated - talent. How would it be with an attempt?

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