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Association: - Recognition, - acknowledgment. Question: - Which part of themselves would like I to honour? What do I appreciate?

In general:

One interprets present mostly as a turn in the life to more favorable relations.
    Maybe one receives
  • also more recognition or enters a new love relationship.
  • a present can point to a talent. If the dreaming receives a present in his dream, this shows that he is loved and is recognised and from a respect is able to profit.
  • then
  • power he a present, is aware to him that he owns qualities, the other people can be of benefit.
  • a mountain of presents in a dream can symbolise up to now unrecognized talents and skills.
  • this announces
  • of giving the presents - as for example birthday presents - a tip to one time, possibly a success.
  • a present sometimes is called also present and, hence, can be a wordplay. The dreaming is reminded, to be present, to live at the moment or in Here and Now, and not in the past or future.
The dream researchers in old Egypt thought that the presents which one gets point to a perceptible improvement of the relations.


Every person has stored unaware knowledge which becomes accessible him every now and then, - it can be symbolised in the dream by a present. If the dreaming 'presents' something in his dream, this means that he shows the work which he has performed to receive confirmations. Presents can be not always arranged unambiguously. Mostly they are connected with a change of the present life style, because nothing was up to now given us maybe. If one has got a present, it can also be a satisfaction dream, because one has what one wished, or a suitable experience approaches immediately. Who himself procures presents for others in the dream, his respect would like to improve (mostly to the gifted person) or raise own value within a group, perhaps, also.


At the spiritual level a present points in the dream to the creative talents which were not aware to the dreaming maybe up to now yet. It is necessary for a spiritual development, to be present and to live in the present. The dreaming must be able in addition, everything presents what the life to him to be of use well for itself, but at the same time also recognise that this can also be for other people of importance and have effects on her life.



  • preserved from a stranger: watch out for speculations, - warning before loss,
  • preserved from a friend: one meets you and you succeed, - also: his relations by a financial profit can improve,
  • make to strangers: Ingratitude harvest, - you create enemies, - warning before hasty actions,
  • make to friends: even in an unconcerned future look.


  • Giving one to someone else something, so points to balance and satisfaction. If one is presented, the dream wants to appeal for bigger care in view of the next surroundings. Flatterers think to use him and his trust.

(European ones).:

  • scanning and evaluation of the relations with others,
  • get handed: means that one will have to fight against loss and grief,
  • accept: meant loss,
  • get sent: one will feel hostility, - efforts are pursued by the bad luck,
  • make one: you will win good and loyal friends, - brings profit, - also: by his payments do not date back and unusually have a lot of luck in speculations and dear problems, - also: one should watch out for hasty actions and decisions.


  • receive: your bad relations will soon make amends,
  • make: watch out for hasty actions.
(See also birthday, presenting and under single presents)

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