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In general:

Who hears singing himself in the dream, just a mental load has behind itself and now begins singing 'a song of the relief' - the traditional interpretation means. Song can often indicate internal harmony and balance, - however, maybe he also points out to the fact that one should fortify to themselves and overcome negative experiences of the past.


Music dreams are extremely rare and rather a really heard perception (maybe from the neighbouring flat?) which puts under 'the soundtrack' then possibly of a dream action. If one hears in the dream song, one is pointed out with it to mind variations. Depending on whether seriously or cheerfully, near or far, single voices or choir, we are demanded to pay attention to our mental constitution and to count on suitable countereffects.



  • hear from people: Cheerfulness, - one should not withdraw from a person who needs his support, - also: one will invite you to a party,
  • sing: one will have to arm himself against bad news,
  • hear from birds: pleasant entertainment.


  • song in the dream to hear promises the close of peaceful, peaceful times. If the song is worried, however and alarming, less pleasant surprises approach. If the person concerned to the music feels drawn, well this inclination can be realised. Otherwise is to be calculated on news. (Woman

(European ones).:

  • attempt to roll somewhat of the soul - one must try to make easier something to himself,
  • liven song hear: promises friends, - means cheerfulness,
  • sing: Heart grief, - sadness,
  • hear song or twitter of the birds: Cheerfulness and good mood.


  • (hear sounding, take part in him): Cheerfulness, pleasure, carelessness.

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