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In general:

Scaffolding shows a help with plans which one cannot realise from own strength. If the dreaming is about to build up a work (new building), he will succeed if this symbol appears to him. If one observes, nevertheless, a scaffolding, this collapses, one should watch out for risqué enterprises. If one works on it, one will reach to the aim, with the fall threaten failures because one takes too big risks.


Points to a new beginning or reconstruction with which should be built up on old person, maybe rotten to become. With the eingerüsteten house the unconscious wants to advise us, we should think more of our health. The scaffoldings which are to be mounted only with big trouble give us to understand that we will hard have to come upwards to be successful. Who works, however, on a scaffolding have a good head for heights, matters can be brought to a good end.



  • see being based: you must appear as firm to get respect and to reach to the aim,
  • put up: you must have only a fixed plan, before you begin something,
  • to themselves see standing on one: It is necessary to submit his relations, a careful check, because daredevil attitude and insecurity lie in our present activities. It would be good to protect his existence against all eventualities.
  • see collapsing: if you do not help yourself, you will nowhere find assistance, - also: you will badly consult and suffer losses.

(European ones).:

  • see: indicates at a dangerous enterprise, - also: a bad sign, a person whom one trusted long will add to one a disappointment,
  • build up one: one has to protect himself extreme trend disposition,
  • stand on one: one checks his social security and is more sparing,
  • on a scaffolding work: one will meet a danger courageously,
  • of one fall: unexpected obstacles will oppose the realisation of a plan,
  • see falling down: Bravery is necessary, but foolhardiness damages,
  • stand under one: one makes too many compromises, or one uses too many excuses.


  • see building: is careful in shops,
  • see collapsing: count only on your own strength.
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