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Association: - Intuition on the basis of sensory perception. Question: - What smells in this situation well or badly?

In general:

If the dreaming perceives a smell in his dream, this mostly means that he tries to arrange an object or an experience or to find out, where from the smell comes. The sensuous perception is very sharp in the dream in general, however, the sence of smell comes out only if a special interpretation is necessary. Smell can make clear recollections and experiences which one can understand only from the past. Good or bad smells in the dream refer generally mostly to a pleasing or joyless discovery - as a rule of an intimate secret - with ourselves or with others.


The childhood is a time in which smells play a big role. Many of them are connected for good with certain events or situations, possibly the smell of newly-wed bread or from flowers or the smell of school meals. A pleasant smell can represent happy times, stand worse for recollections of especially bad times or warn about dangers.


If the spiritual perception develops, is able the ability to perceive smells from the past on clairvoyant's broads level and to recognise be frightening a little. If this ability is understood only as means to arrange properly an event, a place or a person, then she must not become a problem.



  • bad smells perceive: count on nothing good, - falseness and faithlessness will bother you, - one will sit down against his opponents successfully to the weir,
  • good smells perceive: Satisfaction of your wishes and profit of true, loyal friends, - also: one should watch out for people who are in truth to a not well reflected.

(European ones).:

  • carry themselves perfume: Luxury and arrogance,
  • by somebody are sprayed with perfume: Esteem and friendship of his side,
  • more pleasantly: if means nice thing,
  • more unpleasantly: there will be annoyance, - joyless discussions and unreliable assistants,
  • lose: Enemies follow,
  • sweetens smells inhale: a nice woman sweetens to one the everyday life, - also: successful financing shops effect,


  • pays attention to your enemies.
(See also smell, perfume)

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