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Court / courthouse

Association: - Solution of problems. Question: - Which problem is I to be solved ready? Where am I afraid of conviction?

In general:

There is no stricter man than the soul. She requires from us that we do this what is to theirs and with it to our welfare. Because that internal centre, wants to bring together, our entirety in the service of the big life, she has to point over and over again to this what is an internal need what remains to fulfil in the space of the destiny sedate to us. No one lives a full life without going through by guilt, other and itself towards. The feeling of the guilt can become in the experience of the courageous and responsible person a big Bildner of the character. The dream lives in the big ethical position of a real responsibilit against environment and inside world. If the person assaults on the right, on the right thing which he would have to fulfil, then he is loaded in the dream often before the internal court. His punishments are exceptionally hard. They must incur his debt and job to the dreamer consciously. The punishments can consist in the fact that one is pilloried before himself and the internal dream public. Badly dressed, gets dirty, often in strangely ridiculous lift one is found to the biggest own torment on public place. One is mocked, booked by us, mocked in us, with ugly insult names. Especially seemingly also happens such a judgment if to us an inferior person is provided, so to speak, as a signboard. It needs a lot, until the person comes for becoming conscious of itself. He must be only often executed be directed on what plans Even with him. Dreams of the people around forty know how to report about such execution of an internal judgment. One is sentenced to death, namely to the death of the present life setting. One must die, a death durchleiden, so that one can live cleaned and riper again. Hi and there the dreamer keeps watch even as an officer, so that the execution of itself is not prevented by the forces which do not want to recognise such bittre change. The soul is serious and objective, is without compassion and, nevertheless, gentle. Sometimes needs her person for whom she is responsible only of one bigger loneliness, an enclosed being with himself. Then he is condemned to prison, however, he is already in the prison. Thus one also is possibly the prisoner of his feelings, engaged to the things or people to which one should not be bound. Also this is shown in the dream realistically.


If the dreaming is in a court, is present at negotiations or appears as a witness, judge, lawyer, lay assessor, defendant or in another form at court, this is always a sign for the fact that he sits about himself to court. These dream symbols can express that he considers himself too critically, raises himself towards, or in dealing with other tolerance not enough or should stand more to certain emotions or behaviour patterns and actions. However, they also express that he already takes care of it. Now and again the wish for revenge is behind it also. If one is loaded in court, can warn about the claims more different against which one must defend himself on time. In court stand and be accused translates maybe also the fear that we could lose friends in the everyday life. If one is condemned, any dark point on our soul or it lies ingratitude and disappointment announces. If one sees only the courthouse, one worries to himself only needlessly about his private life.


Court houses, judges, lawyers and legal teachers prophesy each excitement, annoyance and inconvenient issues, - they bring concealed and announce sick people critical days in whose course the same, if they win the process in the dream, find out an idiom to the better, if they lose him, will die. If it seems to a going to court, he sits on the judge's chair, he will not draw the short straw, - then the judge speaks not of himself the judgment, but of others. For all going to court the doctors whom one looks in the dream have the same meaning like defender.



  • stand before one in the hall: defamations of character and wrong have to suffer,
  • courthouses from the outside see: one gives himself bigger troubles than inevitably, - there is the danger of a defamation if one does not sit down against injustice to the weir,
  • courthouses enter: disagreeable experiences,
  • (with him deal): you must exist on your right,
  • stand before the barriers one: one tries hard constantly to fight against all negative qualities,
  • are condemned: Losses of property and honour,
  • about a person hold court: one is injured internally,
  • sit as a witness or spectator in one: unaware recollections of a process with which own conscience does not agree.

(European ones).:

  • account with himself or the environment,
  • see: one will have to search his right,
  • spectator in the courtroom be: unaware recollections appear in connection with a bad conscience about a former mistake or an action, - A warning. One concludes no big deals, otherwise somebody will try to accuse to one because of deception.
  • are before one: promises to the dreaming that he will find his right,
  • (with him deal): you must exist on your right,
  • get summons: one will suffer from adjustments, - one tries to encumber one with a guilt,
  • move even before one: contains a business loss,
  • hearing: Nahgeben is better if one has a too strong opponent. The success appears later.
  • are condemned: Losses, - one will receive ingratitude for an action for which one might expect thanks,
  • a witness before one be: one will have to help somebody in a difficult situation,
  • take part in a judicial investigation: if means prosperity,
  • even about a person hold court: one feels injured from a person and goes for an open debate from the way,
  • for a woman means a hearing an admirer whose advantages she did not appreciate up to now. It would be clever from her to follow the thing and to develop this friendship.
  • see courtroom: if means misfortune,
  • leave courtroom: if a good decision brings in a matter which has already caused a lot of annoyance.


  • by your unreason you will get in worry.
(See also accusation, judge, father)

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