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Avenue (wide boulevard)


A way, a street, an avenue or a rail indicate the life on which one just is. Does one have free journey - however, where? If the avenue a crease makes so this one coming change of approach registers. If the crease points to the left, is followed the heart, he points to the right, the reason has priority.



  • go along one: points on just, purposeful lives,
  • see: if a wide life distance which lies before us promises.

(European ones).:

  • see long: even other life distances lie before one,
  • go along one: one is on a straight, purposeful life,
  • one drive down: a favorable omen, - one will spend thrilling hours in love with the partner,
  • with the putative visible aim: one heads for a success,
  • on suddenly turn back: one should check his current life once again.
(Look away also 'street',)

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