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In general:

In the dream of the justice the dreaming lends expression to his right, to be heard and to pronounce openly those things which he holds for right. In the dream the unconscious at a personal level tries to separate right thing from wrong.


If the dreaming tries to bring two different states with each other in the balance, this can be symbolised in the dream as a justice. The dreaming is asked by the dream to use both sides of his personality successfully. If the dreaming is put in his dream in court, this can mean that he must think about his behaviour and about his settings to the authority.


In the process of spiritual development there must be a balance between the spiritual one and material Itself. It can be difficult to attain this balance and to maintain.


(European ones).:

  • demand of a person: by the wrong statements of ill-disposed people come to distress,
  • of one is demanded: the behaviour and the call will be attacked, - it will be extremely dubious that one will be able to disprove the accusations satisfyingly.

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