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Association: - Opinions, - settings, - religious position, - possessions, - material goods and responsibilites. Question: - Round what do I lug with myself? How does the load feel for me? What is I to be left behind ready?

In general:

Be belonged to the traveller luggage, - our strength, our abilities, to purpose in life and plans - and to remain with the simile of the luggage - what allows our suitable appearance as a dress. The luggage is the enlarged personality of the dreamer. Now high punishments stand on his loss, because one may not lose what still belongs to one what contains the next needs of our life what is a reserve what just puts out a part of our personality power in every sense. If one has unusual luggage with himself in the dream, one maybe carries a special load, she is to emotional or other kind. The dreaming too much possibly expects from himself or other. He carries around the past injury or a trauma of the past with himself.


The enlarged personality of the dreamer, his strength and his ability to get over the life trip well. The dreaming possibly stands psychically under stress and must maybe resolve to let be based in the awake state plan or feelings on himself. If one or other luggage piece gets lost him, the energy loss can mean, maybe even also an illness against which he must fight in the awake life.


In the dream grief can be shown as a luggage. It is good if the dreaming makes clear himself that one can put down luggage as fast as one takes up it.



  • see carrying or carry: Arduousness of all kind must suffer, - up to the success is still much laborious work.

(European ones).:

  • danger, trouble, plague, - also: Difficulties, they depend on the carried along luggage pieces and their use, - for lovers lighter or heavier disputes are indicated according to the circumstances, - also: disagreeable matters, - one is pressed by tasteless people,
  • drag the heavy: much mental ballast and unnecessary difficulties one itself has prepared,
  • be carry own: one is so full with worries that one loses the look for the worries of the others,
  • be lose own: stands for unhappy speculations or family quarrel, - for the unmarried means this separation.
(See also suitcase, trip)

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