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Association: - Relaxation, - to itself gehenlassen, - freeing from responsibility. Question: - What would like I to let go?


A symbol for increased emotionality, lack of restraint, the drunkenness state - and for lacking view with that (urge?) Discussion with topical problems. If one dreams of alcohol, one has under circumstances a need or a wish for a heartening experience or for pleasing influence. The dreaming disposes of means to change his perception. He can afford to go out from himself and to leave himself to the 'river of the things' which happen with him. Alcohol stands as 'a spiritual' drink often for the spiritual forces which determine the behaviour and action. In the dream he can express the need for more spiritual suggestion and realising edged out life possibilities which are maybe hindered by too strict morality images (see 'teetotalers'). The dreaming recognises the possibilities which lie in emotional confusion, and sees the clarity which can originate from her. If the selfcreated restrictions are diminished to which one submits in the awake state, the breakthrough often succeeds to own truth. The alcohol in the dream can give the permission to the dreaming moreover symbolically. Also in the dream the alcohol removes inhibitions and lets us commit actions which would be felt in the deliberate life as immoral. Above all if one is 'pleasantly squiffy', expresses itself in it the wish for uncontrolled pleasure, after drunkenness-like sensations (also sexually). This can point out to the fact that the dreamer looks at his problems in the awake life too much from the mind. He should approach more laxly to things. Who is completely got drunk in the dream, can calculate on the fact that he will pass the realities of the life heedlessly, - he should look at everything much more soberly to reach so maybe, nevertheless, still to an aimed aim. Who raises the glass in the dream to many people and drinks with them, stands there generally in his feeling relations fluctuating and has to make good something. The drinking with one or several people points out to the fact that one must produce a feeling respect with these one or these people. The dream symbol sometimes also warns specifically about too much consumption of alcohol. The negative dream variation - one staggers helplessly drunk and feels delivered - symbolises the fear to diminish inhibitions to let fall etc. - the 'cat' ("remorse") is expected as an inevitable result. In general frequent drunkenness dreams point to the inclination to avoid disagreeable situations - the hard reality-. One would not like to look at a lot any more 'so soberly'.


Alcohol as 'a mind' is the connection of contrasts and means change in awareness.



  • in general: one should think to himself about that whether one should not moderate his wishes,
  • shop: you will celebrate parties,
  • pour out: you close new friendship,
  • drink: one tries to deceive you, remains watchful!

(European ones).:

  • drink a little glass alcohol: it runs soon a spiritual strength or the right intuition,
  • drink secretly: Wish for the forbidden joys which bring incommodities.
(See also beer, champagne, drugs, drunkenness, schnapps, champagne, landlord, wine).

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