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Geometrical figures

In general:

The side number of a figure matters just as her colour (see 'colors', 'figures'). In a certain stage of the development the geometrical figures which allow a bigger understanding for the abstract world to the person appear in the dream. It is, as if the old perception of the form starts to accept a new meaning. The dreaming accepts the nature of the things and looks with it at the basic structure of his being. He can esteem the basic form which has his life without lying down emotional obstacles in the way. Geometrical forms are like figures in the dream always symbolically to indicate. As opposed to former views figures have no certain contents of universally valid meaning more at the latest since the beginning of 20 Jhr. The symbolism of a number must be understood from her context in the dream. What concerns now the forms, it seldom seems that you see a pure geometrical form in the dream. However, you look, for example, at the form of the places in the dream. Gardens, streets of houses, patterns and objects show often geometrical forms which are due to three basic forms circle, square and triangle. C. G. Jung intensely looked at the Mandalasymbolik in the dream. (However, state many dream researchers whom presence of the Mandalas is in the dream and even in long dream rows at least for the European visions, mainly a thing fictitious by Jung. A Mandala is a symmetrical geometrical figure which makes clear the cosmic forces and the internal order of the dreamers or female dreamers. If one concentrates his attention on recognising such Mandalas in the dream, one will discover them in the increasing measure more and more often in his dreams. With the other geometrical basic forms it behaves alike.
  • triangle: The triangle refers as a dream symbol to the mind. This is derived from the lines of the triangle. Two triangular sides flow in each case in a point. One sums up something. Moreover, the triangle also symbolises the dialectic, a form of the thinking in thesis, antithesis and synthesis. The down sharp running up triangle symbolises the female in almost all cultures what arises from the form of the pubic insistence. The upwards sharp running up triangle symbolises the male archetype in almost all cultures. If you see, for example, a pyramid in the dream, this dream symbol points, among the rest, to your spiritual adjustment.
  • pentagon (Pentagramm): The pentagon points in the dream to the human harmony. In the Pentagramm all lines cut themselves in the golden cut and refer thus to an internal harmony. The golden cut puts out the division relation of a distance at which the person looks as harmonious and appealing, because it returns the dimension relations of his body.
  • circle: The circle shows the archetypal dream symbol of the female. From 'Tausendundeine of night' confessed Abbassiden-ruler who was aware caliph Harun al Raschid already of that when he allowed to put on Bagdad in the circle with the grounds that this town should become the mother of all towns, while she mediates like no other security motherly by her form of a circle. The fact that the round and circular symbolises the female, is derived from the body form of the woman. Freud took the view that let themselves lead back all symbolism at last on the anatomical relations of the human body. Further the circle symbolises since old times up to the artist's group of the Bauhausses (Dessau/Berlin/Leipzig) the soul and the feeling. This is already clear from there, because the circle owns neither beginning nor end. Therefore he also points to the infinity and with it to the everlasting river of the life. If you see, for example, in the dream a round place, are all processes which happen there, and see all symbols, which you there in to look the dream and the river of the life energy.
  • cross: Direction symbol and ordinal symbol. Unity of four directions, temperaments, elements etc. The intersection in the middle of the cross is valid in many traditions also as a quintessence, as the essential fifth strength.
  • Mandala: As a Mandala every klappsymetrische figure can be looked in the dream. In the dream Mandalas often appear in the form of places or from gardens. C. G. Jung evaluated the appearance of the vision Mandala always as an extremely favorable sign. It refers to the fact that has made the dreamers or female dreamers a progress on his way of the Individuation. One has become more entire and the internal forces have formed harmoniously.
  • point: The special, the unique.
  • square: The square appears relatively often in the dream, indeed, we overlook it often, because we are not ordinarily used to paying attention to geometrical forms in the dream. Since the Greek philosopher Platon the square symbolises the earth and therefore also the body. Four right corners of the square return the static and parties of the earth.
  • rectangle: Also symbol of the matter and the earthly realities with her corners and corners.
  • hexagon: In general the hexagon points in the dream to harmony and connection. This should also make clear the so-called seal Salomons (also Star of David called) which was looked by the alchemists as the connection of all elements. The dream symbol hexagon symbolises sometimes also the connection of the male with the female, because there is of two superimposed triangles which a side points upwards, of the other down.


In detail the following geometrical figures in the dream can play a role:


  • The triangle symbolises the person with his three main parts: Body, mind and soul. Consciousness and love are manifested by his Körperlichkeit.
  • If the triangle upwards shows, the human nature moves against the divine.
  • it is
  • Showing it down, the mind who searches expression by means of the physical.
  • The triangle can also stand as a symbol for informal relations, for example, between father, mother and child.

chopping cross:

  • a chopping cross whose arms are arranged clockwise shows the ideal person and his strength to do good. In the eastern symbolism the figure stands for the movement of the sun.
  • arranging
  • Being the arms against the clockwise, is the chopping cross as a symbol of the fascism symbol for all Bad and wrong.

half moon:

  • He symbolises the female, mysterious strength which is intuitive and is not rational.


  • The hexagon stands for the harmonious development of the physical, social and spiritual elements in the human life and her integration in a perfect whole. It symbolises the union from Manly and Female, from matter and mind to a perfect whole.


  • He embodies the internal being or Even of the person. A round object, as for example a ring, symbolises unity, perfection and the perfect soul.


  • Every cross stands for the manifestation of the mind in the matter. While the soul moves from the symbol of the sword to the same-armed cross, further to the cross of the suffering, to the crucifixion and, finally, to the Tao of the perfection, she learns by experience to overcome the obstacles on the way of the spiritual development. Four in the opposite directions to pointing arms symbolise conflict, pain and grief, however who lives through them, reaches perfection.
  • The hanging cross with the shape of Christ verbildlicht the sacrifice Even for other people.
  • The crossroad point represents the reconciliation of contrasts.
  • three upper arms of the Christian cross stand for God's father, son and holy mind (see also 'religious pictures').


  • you is associated with perfection and completion of all possibilities.


  • He is the point in which everything begins from which from itself also the form develops.


  • in the dream can be the pattern of a garment, a wallpaper or a mosaic a tip to the fact that the behaviour patterns of the dreaming in a certain manner recur and stimulate him to the thoughtfulness.


  • It symbolises the womb and in general the female principle. As a Mandorla it is the halo which surrounds Christ or Maria completely.

square / cube:

  • Both stand for the earthly sphere as a contrast to the sky: A square within a circle stands for becoming, for the fact that some form accepts. This itself is the figure in a square or the perfect person. Every square object is a symbol for the comprehensive, female principle.


  • as a vision is they a tip to the fact that the dreaming has the choice between bigger and smaller possibilities.


  • The spiral is the perfect path for the evolution. Everything is without respite in movement and rises at the same time constantly or raises his oscillation.
  • rejuvenated to himself the spiral at the middle, the dreaming of his middle on indirect way approaches.
  • a clockwise outwardly turning spiral stands for a development to consciousness and enlightenment.
  • in the counterclockwise she aims at the unconscious and probably at old behaviour patterns.
  • of The navels or solar plexus is understood as a centre of the strength in the human life spiral (see also 'labyrinth').


  • as a rule embodies every kind of star hopes, the tendons and the ideals of the person.
  • The 5 jagged star which a point must point upwards swears to personal magic and to all matter in harmony. In the dream he symbolises the control of magic abilities and spiritual attempts by the dreaming.
  • on the head is standing the star symbol for bad person and witchcraft.
  • The 6 jagged star or Star of David exists of two compound triangles. The physical and the spiritual are connected in harmony to create wisdom. There is a play with geometrical figures with which one draws a square, a circle and a triangle. Another person joins these geometrical basic forms to a drawing. What he makes from the square, should stand with his perception of the world in connection, the circle with his internal being and the triangle with his gender life.


At the spiritual level geometrical figures stand in the dream for the capacity for abstract thinking of the dreaming, - they represent as a rule the male principle. (See also colours, pattern)

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