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Older man in uniform is than symbolic shape for authoritarian-aggressive ruling claims to understand. The shape of a general in the dream is a warning of arrogance and order addiction, however, can mean also the acquaintance with socially higher standing people. In the depth psychology this vision is looked as an expression of conjugal conflicts. (Who orders to whom?), nevertheless, It can also mean the internal commander who decides on the application of the mental energy.



  • see: high visit receive, - also: a man with high respect stands to you aside. (21, - 37)

(European ones).:

  • concerns mostly internal 'order questions', under circumstances also conflicts in the marriage,
  • see: big honour, - also: Warning of too much arrogance, arrogance and commanding tone,
  • be: one will receive a very responsible job,
  • operate with one: one will find the support of a personality of high standing.


  • high visit, honour, respect.

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