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Vow / vow

In general:

A vow is a pact or a promise between two people or between God and a person. In the dream a vow tells to put away to take over the responsibility for own life. The vow is more ceremonious than an easy promise, and the effects can be more far-reaching.


Because a vow is filed before a witness, the dreaming of the effect which can have it on other people must be aware. In the dream the dreaming bets the expectations in other people that they help him to keep his promise. To file a marriage vow or to hear, points to the fact that the dreaming commits himself extensively.


At this level a vow is a ceremonious spiritual promise of the dreaming compared with the universe.


It promised one to the Asklepios, he will sacrifice a cock to him, if he came without illness by the year. One day later he promised again to the Asklepios, he will sacrifice the second cock to him, if he got no Triefaugen. And at night he dreamt, Asklepios says him: 'A cock is enough for me.' Though the man remained spared from other illnesses, however, became hard triefäugig, - then the God had in a vow enough and refused the other request to him.



  • put away: you will return to your duties, - also: you have to take over a heavy responsibility.

(European ones).:

  • means in the life mostly the opposite, - one must try to be well-balanced in his activities,
  • a broken one: if a bad sign is for everybody,
  • put away: heavy responsibility comes up on,
  • hold: big wishes will come true,
  • break: Grief.

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