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Lover (r)

In general:

Lovers embody the ideal images of the dreamer of a woman. Often she points to frustration in a love relationship which arise from wrong expectations. Now and again the lover also warns about unlawful intentions.


Who dreams of new love with sexual fulfilment, is dependent in the awake life possibly too much on another person, him maybe even dependent. The unconscious would like to draw the attention with the drastic picture of the forbidden love to this fact. With married such a dream often reflects the lacking satisfaction in the marriage life and sexual life.



  • (old) intensely experience: Illness or death,
  • or lover see: you are reloved, - one waits with longing for you,
  • have for married or fiancées (n): one does not take it with the loyalty any more exactly.

(European ones).:

  • traffic between lovers: announces annoyance.


  • see: do not let to unlawful things tempt.
(See also friend, sexual intercourse, 'kiss', 'father')

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