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Change purse / purse

In general:

A stock exchange normally serves for the safekeeping of money or things which seem to the person valuable. Hence, in the dream the change purse becomes an object which is in itself from value. Purse can stand as money for power, power and influence.
  • finding a change purse suggests that the dreaming has found something valuable,
  • the loss of a change purse lets assume that he was negligent.
  • The empty purse mostly promises success, one finds him empty and is disappointed, however, expectations do not come probably true.
  • The full purse against it can warn about too much arrogance and losses.


Great importance can have the material of which the stock exchange exists. The dream plays to the dreaming often a prank and presents to him an apparently inappropriate picture with which he must argue. Here it is about the mental contents which are summarised under the symbol 'money'. An empty change purse, an empty safe or safe point, for example, to feeling loss or to will weakness.


At the spiritual level the stock exchange stands for the attempt to preserve energy. It can also be an expression of the female principle.



  • see: one wants to tempt you into a bad action,
  • more blank: Loss,
  • more fully: pleasing shops, - also: indicates at strong sexuality,
  • lose: bad Zufälligkeiten experience, - also: Loss in gender strength,
  • find: pleasant experiences.

(European ones).:

  • find a full one: in temptation and embarrassment get, - also: good omen, - luck-promising for lovers, - profit,
  • find an empty one: one receives a promise which is not kept, however,
  • lose: one will have a big loss, - also by a carelessness: must count on difficulties and illness, on account of own inattentiveness,
  • empties see: promises good salary, - brings cheerfulness and satisfaction,
  • full ones see: brings losses, - misery and hardship,
  • get as a gift one: one can count on a pleasant surprise,


  • purse, blank: you have an inheritance in view,
  • completely: an inheritance escapes you.
(See also money)

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