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medicine wheel:

Key words: Rich animal and plant life, - water-loving, - nutritious, - incredibly in terms of potent, - cleaning, - frog clan. Description: The algae which are associated with water or the frog clan position in the internal circle of the medicine wheel are to be found worldwide in all waters. They are botanical species, consisting of only one or many cells which though chlorophyll contains, but owns no roots, sheets or a trunk in the real sense. People close to the earth use algae everywhere in the world as food and Würzmittel. They are nutritious really and contain many vitamins and minerals. Algae should give additional energy to the body, him disinfect, protect and from toxic after-effects with radioactive radiotherapy release. General meaning: In the deep waters of the life energy float, - the readiness to work with your deep feelings what can lead to the same spirituality. Such a dream can have spiritual, sensuous and teaching Nebenbedeutungen. Association: Slimy. Transcendent meaning: Support in it, by the just upcoming dream experience hindurchzuschweben, - the dream has your life preservation on the subject or living-holding works on you.


(European ones).:

  • a bad omen, - is conscientious in the choice of the business partners, otherwise one could fall victim to a deception.

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