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Stinginess / miser / miser

In general:

Stinginess expresses (More stingy) often unaware fears, - they can refer to the loss of money, but also from power, influence and power.


Mostly it is not about money. One is very stingy himself with his feeling and shows no emotions. They are angry in the dream at the stinginess more different? No symbol, rather a processing dream: They do it really, wish more generosity from a certain person and hate to let force from other 'finely checked situations'. They enjoy with pleasure from the full and estimate the motto: Live and allow to live. Stinginess disturbs you deeply in your attitude to life.



  • be: you are too careless, gives away too much, - saves your salary, so that you have in the need.

(European ones).:

  • miser: Capital loss, - also: by selfaddiction do not find the true luck, - in the love one is deeply disappointed,
  • be: other strike towards by arrogant appearance unpleasantly, - misfortune in business things,
  • these are
  • others: financial success is given soon,
  • own friends are stingy: be annoyed by the impertinent requests more different,
  • a woman with a miser is friends, she will attain love and prosperity by her intelligence and her tactful behaviour.


  • stingy see: you will suffer a capital loss.

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