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Association: - more spiritually - sometimes dreaded - aspect, - recollection. Question: - What catches up me over and over again?

In general:

Quite deeply inside all people are afraid of the death. In the dream the minds of deads can help the dreaming to resign themselves to the inevitable. Whether this happens, strongly depends on whether minds have in the image of the dreaming space. Mind can embody the consciousness, the impulses, inclinations and the aims of a person. Partly he stands also for a development which has already started, but has not completely become conscious yet. Nevertheless, now and again the symbol admonishes to cling to no chimeras, wrong hopes and unrealistic expectations. Dreams of apparitions can point to losses of being close people. However, it can also concern real meetings at another (astralen) level, because we are extracted in the sleep with a part of our being and can receive communications from other worlds. Nevertheless, the appearance of a mind is often a reflexion of a being portion of ourselves which faces us.


Only small children have to see a chance in the dream a mind or a ghost, - a fright experience is sometimes the trigger of such dreams (although even with children the ghost often turns out shade of a really existing, but unpopular person - e.g., of a teacher, a bad neighbour etc.) . Adults mostly see the shades of late friends, relatives or enemies. The analysis shows mostly that the minds do not show the concerning people, but the shades of their qualities. If one has such a dream, one maybe recognises some of these qualities which one held for dead, threaten to come back, however, in itself again. Vice versa the good qualities of the mind who visits to one could have died - in and earn to become auferweckt. Dreams of minds are often felt rather reassuringly as frightening. The minds in the dream a role play, maybe have the function to help the dreaming by a transitional stage. Ghostly Spukgestalten mostly indicate a confusion in our inner life. Maybe they also point out to the fact that we are to be led into temptation easily and possibly have a little bit unstable character.


During the spiritual development the perception property after the everyday things, also on other dimensions of the knowledge extends there. Whether it concerns, besides, now aspects of own personality or not, is unimportant, because her function consists, in the end in supporting the advancement of the dreaming. The spiritual Itself has to the whole collective unaware access.



  • see, unknown: To experience announcement, for something unbelievable, - also: evil threatens you, undertake nothing,
  • see, a living friend: sad news receive, - somebody from your circle of acquaintances or relative's circle urgently needs help,
  • see, a known dead: you have good friends who do not leave you,
  • a black one: a bad news receive,
  • a white one: the news is not so bad completely as it sounds at first sight.


  • (mind does not mean here
"intellect", but the soul of a living or late person.) a warning omen: To see a dead or of somebody soul in the dream recommends to the concerning person to put all strength against a temptation which will lure during the next days. To give to this temptation could lead to a chain of misfortunes and as their result to the complete ruin. The sign clears up the dreaming about the fact that his life bores him and he searches his Kurzweil in big dangers. (Man +)

(European ones).:

  • symbol for this postgo hunting of a phantom,
  • see: one will find out disagreeable, - a portent is for hostility and fights, these are overcome if one does not get a fright while seeing,
  • see the mind of a parent: if means danger, - one should be careful with the construction of a partnership with strangers,
  • see the mind of a dear friend: a voyage with a disagreeable companion make and experience disappointments,
  • with one speak: one will win good impressions, - one will lure enemies into a trap, - a woman Witwenschaft and deception is predicted,
  • see an angel or mind in the sky: points to the loss of relationship and to misfortune,
  • a female mind seems male to the lefts, both good-looking in the sky to the rights and: if Nothing prophesies a quick rise from to the fame, - however, this lasts only short time, because the death to one strike and dahinraffen becomes,
  • a female mind in long garments who floats quietly by the sky: one will make progress in scientific studies and collect easily wealth, - however, an undertone of sadness will rule in the life,
  • see the mind of a living relative or friend: it will threaten from a friend of bad person, - one is warned against supervising the plans independently, - if the mind seems drained, this can be a sign for the early death of this friend,
  • the mind of a friend floats through the space: stands for disappointment and insecurity,
  • making music minds: there will be unbecoming changes and sadness at home,
  • hear knocking at the walls and doors: Difficulties will appear,
  • see behind the curtains: one should hold his feelings under control, because one will commit, otherwise, an indiscretion.


  • does not let in you with crooks,
  • see: Temptation to the sin.
(See also ghost,' religious pictures')

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