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In general:

If the dreaming performs to a person whom he knows in an unexpected situation obedience, this is a tip for the fact that his respect with this person will be more unproblematic in future, because the rank order is cleared. It refers to the fact that to him his authority as well as his bigger knowledge is aware, - the dreaming feels his powerlessness in this situation. If the dreaming requires obedience of another person in his dream, he knows around his authority and power about others.


The dream scenes in which arbitrarily obedience and submission are required refer to pointless disciplines in the past (mostly: Childhood) from whose psychic injuries one still suffers - also if they seem mastered.


Who obeys in the dream, submits at the spiritual level to his God and completely can be led from his spirituality.



  • be: is careful in your enterprises.

(European ones).:

  • obey somebody: it is announced one an insignificant, pleasant and uneventful time in the life,
  • if another obey: one has the luck on his side and stands in high respect,
  • with women says this that she has an admirer who feels severely drawn. She should not be depressed from sad news from the distance, because brighter days will come.

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