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Association: - natural movement, - physical activity. Question: - Where am I on the move? Do I move fast enough?

In general:

Walking in the dream points to the dreaming in which direction he should move. Walking (way) can symbolise the instantaneous intentions, plans and aims, - the exact meaning arises, for example, from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • with determination to go, shows that he knows his aim.
  • however,
  • of disoriented go meant that he only must search his aims for himself.
  • joy in the walking symbolises the return to the innocence of the child.
  • The use of a walking stick shows the knowledge of the dreaming that he needs help and support.
  • Forward go points in the future and one must consider other symbols (for example, the surroundings, other people and events) with to the individual interpretation.
  • Uphill go a lot of trouble registers, before one reaches to the aim.
  • Downhill go often indicates that one must allow himself more rest, or can warn about a deterioration of the living conditions.
  • reverse are a matter admonished of not falling under influence so strongly under the past.
  • Slowly go often promises good success if one plans the plan thoroughly and realises step by step.
  • Fast go meant a warning before rash, hasty action.
  • Tripping or shuffling go points to obstacles and problems or to lacking energy and initiative.


Walking is the step counter on the life. How the dreaming moves in the dream action, points to the state in which he is at the moment.
  • One goes and goes and goes... the way no end seems to take - it is no aim is to be recognised.
  • with quick pace an upcoming plan is quickly finished.
  • Going one himself exhilarates or another and without strain, this means that one is optimistic or at least would like to be it.
  • Seeing one go for himself or another slowly, one should go forward carefully.
  • this is
  • Being his way, however, with difficulty and slowly, a sign for problems and difficulties which concern the personality development.
  • a walk always means luck and satisfaction, stands for an optimistic basic setting and can show relaxation, and this meaning accepts it often in the dream.
  • the dreaming on his walk is alone in the dream, can be this quietly and kontemplativ.
  • occurred he in the society of one or several people, the opportunity is offered to deep talks.


A spiritual walk is an investigation way in the dreaming unknown areas of itself.



  • in level area: your matters will take care easily and fast,
  • in mountainous area: Difficulties have to overcome,
  • slowly: you will miss the best,
  • fast: do your matters quickly, it does need.

(European ones).:

  • the smaller worries which disappear if they are courageously concerned,
  • slowly: if bring the worries and trouble which will stick for a while
  • quickly: one will commit mistakes,
  • of courageous step: the internal confidence and good vitality make big progress possibly,
  • go backward: former experiences and the past experiences restrain the current progress in the life.


  • on a lawn: your friend has betrayed you,
  • in the dirt: your stinginess will bring you bad days,
  • in quick steps: Obstacles,
  • with a wooden leg: State change,
  • backward: bad trend of affairs.
(See also leg, traps, direction, trip, Go for a walk, steep tracks, 'street', 'way')

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