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Secret society


(European ones).:

  • see: one owns a sensitive organism, - one should strive for practical and unselfish ideals, - experience soon joys and harvest literary honourings,
  • one join: one owns the slope to friendship to be calculated,
  • the chairperson is dead: heavy charges and court procedures will go out relatively well.
  • young women should take to heart the advice of getting to know people, or they get bad and repellent habits. If a young woman meets the chairperson of the alliance, she should energetically resist the temptations which you present to itself temptingly. If she believes, her mother has joined to the order, and takes care them after the best forces to persuade this to the withdrawal of the vow, this means that she brings to her parents a lot of love and will still cause to them by rage and disobedience grief.
Secret Association: - Work on something which lies in secrecy? Question: - What am I ready, to show up or to lay the table?

In general:

Dream of a secret which one divides with somebody, refers to the most personal thoughts and behaviour patterns from which one anticipates that one should keep an eye on them carefully. Often we hide things from ourselves and act in such a way, as they did not exist at all. Therefore, the dream signals that one should keep an eye on a certain train of the character which one hides, otherwise, and that one pursues more secretiveness than for one is good.


Secret stands in general for an important examination which one has not perceived yet fully consciously, - besides, it can concern the understanding of circumstances or other people, but also insights into own personality. Who dreams of it, maybe longs for mysterious experiences - to him the life has become too sober and easy to grasp. The imagination would like to be demanded.



  • It is not better to be told everything, before the time is ripe.
  • get to know: meant good relations,
  • betray: your talkativeness involves you in incommodities, - disgrace and punishment.

(European ones).:

  • get to know: meant friendship, - wishes come true, - surprises and news approach,
  • in the ear get whispered: public honour is given,
  • betray: if insult and disgrace allows to expect, - damage,
  • surprise at a mysterious event: Strangers will load to one with her worries and demand help, - also: are warned about the disregard of duties, - one will be got involved by the occupation in disagreeable complications.
  • examine the secret of the creation: a change in the life will bring to one in higher spheres of the knowledge and therefore closer to true joy and luck.

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