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In general:

'Also small cattle mess up things', says the vernacular, and who dreams of fluttering and clucking chickens, also thinks in the awake state about 'useful little things' and everyday. In the traditional interpretation the fowl has been valid as a symbol for Flatterhaftigkeit and propelling-steered pleasure.


Old dream books interpret fowl as a token of internal restlessness and strain which leads to the Überreizung of the nervous system, - often there stand behind it fears, unsolved conflicts, worries and too high permanent stress.


Each is good for fowl. It is of use of women or from lawyers.



  • see: your income will increase,
  • by fluttering one be surrounded: it will turn out in the next time one or several women useful,
  • hear cackling: Noise and quarrel in the house,
  • feed: you have views of good income,
  • slaughter: after big quarrel comes loss.

(European ones).:

  • see the living: if mean brief worries or an illness, - boredom and Ereignislosigkeit,
  • a dream of living fowl a short illness or the disagreement with friends tells
  • of A woman in.
  • Dreaming a young woman, to living chickens nachzujagen, will waste them valuable time with frivolous sensory joys.
  • see prepared: own extravagant inclinations, the financial reserves will attack,
(See also fowl)

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