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In general:

Vessel can show the personality with all her possibilities and then is interpreted as bottle. The full vessel stands in general for success and prosperity, this empties for failure and loss.


How has it looked, and you remember his contents? To the liquid, colour, smell? Here lies the real symbolic statement of such a dream. And if we leave to Dr. Freud theory (after which everybody, but also really all vessels exclusively sexually are to be interpreted and the empty power difficulties can signal) are valid where she belongs: last century. Who thinks then today with the glass colt or while uncorking a bottle of sex and with the Blumengießen to an ejaculation? Just.


From the vessels every single one means either the craft or that what rescues it in itself. Further one should close of the vessels and tools not only on the craft and the income from them, but also handle on the craftsmen or on those, which with the vessels. It dreamt to one, his mug has suddenly shattered. There died his oral innkeeper. You must apply the same rule with all vessels and tools. Then some things which concern vessels in different manner come true. Thus, e.g., milk in a milking pail yields profit, in a water washbasin against it it is the symbol of damage (thought of the sympathy, - a cow takes in the national faith damage, if an inexpedient person, e.g. a menstruating woman from whose milk drinks - then milk also remains after the Abmelken still in sympathetischer respect with the animal, - one must pay attention to the fact that the milk comes only to certain vessels), - then then nobody would still refresh itself in her. The opposite, however, from using is the Nichtgebrauchen from which damage originates.



  • hold: you will have to sacrifice something,
  • hold full: your life will be rich and happy-go-lucky,
  • hold: you will lose your work and your bread.

(European ones).:

  • success or non-success of the life, - one worries to itself, however, should be more confident,
  • empties vessels see: if promises poverty and grief, - failures,
  • full vessels see: mean success,
  • shop: the success is endangered and the load hard weighs,
  • broken ones: if serious illnesses or deep disappointments announce.


  • blank: you will suffer lack of bread, the need sweeps in your house,
  • completely: you have from all in the abundance, thinks of the arms.
(See also bucket, bottle, glass, cup, jug)

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