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Captivity / be caught

In general:

In the dream indicates to be locked up that the dreaming feels forced into a corner - the dreaming has often created the condition for his 'captivity' by fears and ignorance himself. In the rarest cases other people are really responsible for the unfreedom of the dreaming.


Captivity in the dream can mean that old prejudices and religious images become conscious by the dreaming. Or, however, the dreaming is made by the dream pause, so that he cannot run away any more longer from a job. If one is arrested in the dream, this is to be interpreted like with the dream symbol suffocation as a freedom loss. Indeed, in this case the fear of the loss is not so strong like with the dream symbol suffocation. One can escape from the capture still, perhaps.


At the spiritual level captivity can point out to the fact that the dreaming too introverted or too much is occupied with himself. He must open for new influence and search himself for this purpose support if he needs them.



  • be: your longing in the width is not satisfied yet.


  • a warning omen: It symbolises tension and strain, monotony whether the dreaming sees himself or another person in captivity. He should allow himself a phase of the relaxation and think through his aims and plans anew. In general it hard falls to him to see that in the life everything is not incumbent upon the self-determination. (Man
+ / child)

(European ones).:

  • forecasts the coming misfortune in a love relationship.

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