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In general:

If a dream of a warder acts, this refers to the fact that the dreaming maybe feels by his own feelings or by the personality or the behaviour of another person limited. Self-criticism and estrangement make to the dreaming difficult to fulfil his everyday duties.


If the dreaming is in his dream in a situation from which he cannot escape, the figure of the warder often gives to him an instruction to how he could have brought himself in this situation. In addition, the warder could also be a projection screen for the sadistic or masochistic inclinations of the dreaming.


At this level has become conscious by the dreaming that he has got in spiritual difficulties.


To be guarded by somebody by force held on and indicates commercial involvements, obstacles and deferments in the appointments, and in illnesses Increase of the same, rescue, however, that which are in extreme danger. Since we call the life protecting, an observer and persisting the being, the opposite of it, however, resolution and offence, that is death. If one enters voluntarily a dungeon or a safekeeping or one is thrown in by force by people, the heavy illness or big affliction prophesies. Sharp judge and warder means imprisonment and grief. Criminals lay them in chains and bring to light concealed. Since they lend a hand to malefactor who are transferred and are caught red-handed.


(European ones).:

  • see one: Deception thwarts own interests, - evil women will enchant one,
  • tries a horde to break open a prison: it announces to itself awful, - with desperate means it is tried to blackmail money from one.

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