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Association: - Punishment, - imprisonment. Question: - Where have I committed a mistake?

In general:

The dreams in which the freedom of movement is limited must show no direct analogy to physical being locked up in the reality. Who is locked up, dreams on the contrary of the freedom, even if the circumstances can lead to nightmares. Dreams of the prison can mean psychic cramped conditions. One can feel in a personal respect 'tied up' of/'eingesperrt', or also in a responsibility which hard presses on one. One should submit the closer circumstances of the prison stay to an exact consideration, especially whether were there reliefs - the view from the window outside, this embodies a friendly attendant (and to whom in the awake life?) . Because one is always 'sent' in the prison, somebody must be responsible for the interference of the freedom of movement in the reality. The prison itself stands in the dream for the traps which the dreaming himself sets himself. Not external circumstances complicate to him the life at the emotional, material or spiritual level, but he to itself. Prison has similar meaning like captivity. In particular cases fear of punishment can stand behind it also once specifically if one has wrong behaved. Old dream books interpret the symbol also as a request not to hear on the bad advice more different.


In him our feelings and images are caught, mind or body are limited, and one is not any more man of his free decisions. We feel limited anyhow in our possibilities and have, perhaps, absolutely wrong images of the life reality. The unconscious reminds us to more realistic thinking. The person often creates a prison which is shown then in the dream symbolically to himself by sense of duty or feelings of guilt himself. Castle and bolt of the prison cell possibly give explanation about that to the dreaming in which manner he 'arrests' himself. A barred window shows that the dreaming feels in it hindered to use external sources of help.


At the spiritual level the prison in the dream can also express the refusal of the dreaming to take over the responsibility for his own existence. Besides, to sense of duty and feelings of guilt are no impulse for the change, but only one veiling of the Inaktivitšt.



  • see: unexpected surprise assign, - you will attain a secure position,
  • see only from the outside: difficult duties will progress very well, because the smashed way is right,
  • are led in one: one has doubt compared with a plan and must examine carefully, before one decides on a decision,
  • be locked up: one is affected by his obligations,
  • see themselves in one: one feels his marriage like a prison,
  • visit somebody in it or see another in it: one has a bad conscience or remorse for an action in the past.

(European ones).:

  • one is bound to circumstances, things and people of whom one should be free,
  • see: if quarrel and quarrel, defamation promises etc., which is why one should be careful, even towards friends, - it is offered a little bit a little is tempting,
  • come innocently to one: one will bump into mistrust,
  • are locked up: meant freedom and advantage,
  • itself or friends are in it: bad luck is forecast in all areas,
  • to somebody visit in one: bad conscience torments one or one regrets a former action,
  • from a prison flee: one can escape from all worry,
  • are dismissed even from one: it begins a new life epoch,
  • the others which are dismissed see: one will overcome the misfortune.


  • sit in it: you have wrong counsellors, separates you from them,
  • see: explain your enterprise, you will succeed everything.
(See also 'encircling', 'chain', 'court', 'grid', 'castle', 'key', 'prison')

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