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In general:

Bushes stand in general for something concealed, - besides, it can concern the risks on the other life which one has not perceived yet often, however, also around important examination into circumstances or into own personality. The burning bushes are interpreted in support of the Bible often as an important knowledge which spontaneously comes like a revelation about one.


Symbol for a (unsafe) sanctuary, a hiding place in a menacing situation. Also: One has got lost in the undergrowth (bushes) of his own sensations, is in a 'prickly' mind situation. A frequent dream in the life phases which demonstrate a full sexuality impossibly, as for example heavy illness of the partner, separation - or also the reaction to a sexual respect beyond the partnership.



  • see or hide in it: of a danger go towards,
  • get lost in it: appear as very careful, because one tries to damage to you.

(European ones).:

  • warning dream! Care and avoidance of any danger the next day.
  • hide in one: one will come to danger,
  • see somebody in it hidden: one will discover a secret,
  • see a burning one: if an important event tells in.


  • you will come to danger.
(See also bush)

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