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Association: - celebrate of a fresh start. Question: - What is born in me?

In general:

Old dream books interpret birthday as a favorable portent for the future, in particular also for a high unconcerned age. However, he can also mark a turning point in the life in which something new begins.


In the traditional interpretation always a luck dream, one has wishes freely which are fulfilled. Own birthday celebrate, proves the good constitution of the dreamer which will still give many birthdays, that is a long life to him. Who cocelebrates the birthday more different, also grants to his people advantages. The dreamt presents often symbolise qualities or chances which should be developed or be realised. Besides, the people who were to be recognised among the birthday company could be helpfully (or good partners). Who demands presents, however, in the dream for the birthday, something should diminish his egoism.



  • celebrate the own: can hope for a long and healthy life, - also: if promises a pleasant surprise,
  • of another: this will have a lot, one himself a little succeed in close future,
  • cocelebrate one: one has a good opportunity in the occupation before himself.

(European ones).:

  • celebrate the own and receive many presents: if an engagement or marriage announces, - otherwise he announces glad hours, cheerfulness and joy, - a pleasant surprise, - good news,
  • of a friend or relative: these will have shortly use, probably in connection with, - also: it will offer itself a good professional opportunity by meeting with other people to itself,
  • addition you the across sum of your birthday and you look in the chapter 'Figures' which meaning has this. Example: born 11/20/1936
= 2+0+1+1+1+9+3+6 = 23-> 2+3 = 5 you are a 'five-pfennig piece'.


  • to own celebrate: you will reach an old age,
  • to foreign, celebrate: a lot of joy.

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